OANN’s Reporter Neil W. McCabe Comments on Mike Pence’s Document Discovery

Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed national correspondent for One America News, Neil W. McCabe to weigh in on the recent documents found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s private residence and what becomes of the Biden’s crooked dealings.

Leahy: On the newspaper line right now. Top gov tracker who reports on everything Ron DeSantis and 2024 presidential campaign Neil W. McCabe reporting for One America News Network. Neil, good morning. Is there a thank you note going from Joe Biden to Mike Pence today?

McCabe: Wow, that’s a friend. (Leahy laughs) I’ve said this before to you, Mike, and I don’t know if I’ve set it up for these segments, but one of my favorite phrases in all of legal dom is an abundance of caution. Anytime you hear somebody says, you know, out of an abundance of caution, we did this, we did that. It just means I caught myself before you caught me.

Leahy: (Laughs) So were you surprised when the news broke yesterday that the sainted can’t do anything wrong, Mike Pence, former vice president has announced that through his personal attorneys that classified documents had been discovered in his private residence in Carmel, Indiana.

McCabe: I was stunned. I was immobile. I was crippled inside. I was clutching my pearls. I was so upset. (Leahy laughs)

Leahy: Why did he all of a sudden decide, oh, I think I’ll send my personal attorney to my house to see if I just happen to have any classified documents?

McCabe: Yes. There may be some people who think that this was coordinated by the White House political operation. Just like Jimmy Carter has stepped forward and turned himself in. And if he saying he has classified documents in his house, I want Jimmy Carter prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I want to see him in an orange jumpsuit on a perp walk.

Leahy: What do you make of this?

McCabe: One of the things that’s very effective for the Democrats rhetorically when they’re absolutely bagged is they’ll say things like, there’s plenty of blame to go around and plenty to blame argument. And then they basically said, well, he does it too, and he does it too.

They basically executed a political op on Trump and the Republican Party before the midterm election, and that gave them the excuse for three months to basically bang the pots and pans about Trump, Trump, Trump, what a bad man.

And The Washington Post, maybe a month or so ago, has already got basically intel sources, a lot of federal law enforcement sources that said the Mar-a-Lago raid found nothing and it was all a mistake. And then this Biden thing pops up and now people are trying to muddy the waters.

It’s clear from the article written in The New York Times a few days ago, which was sourced from the White House side, that the White House did not know that this story was going to break. And so this is interesting, right? Because if they didn’t leak it themselves.

Leahy: Who leaked it?

McCabe: Someone did.

Leahy: A couple of things here, Neil, to bring up. First, I thought you mentioned it in jest, but apparently not. There’s a report from the Daily Mail published six hours ago.

Headline: REVEALED: President Jimmy Carter Found Classified Documents in His Home After Leaving Office in 1981 and Returned Them – Trump, Biden and Pence Now Engulfed in Record-Handling Scandal. That just happened to show up. So he had them too.

McCabe: Jimmy Carter remains a threat to our national security. I want him tracked down and hauled before a judge.

Leahy: (Chuckles) Now clearly this is a political operation, but what’s interesting about this is the legal but not legitimate Biden maladministration thought they had it covered, thought that nobody was going to spill the beans that they had all these classified documents. But two weeks ago Monday, somebody leaked it to CBS and CBS reported. What happened there?

McCabe: I think what happened is that there are white hats inside the FBI and the Justice Department who basically feel an institutional loyalty. Whenever you talk to these guys, even DiGenova, or even as you listen to Jeff Sessions, they always talk about the Justice Department as an institution. A legendary institution.

And when the institution itself is threatened, then people have divided loyalty. And so I think there are people who basically want to somehow salvage some of the reputations of the FBI and in the DOJ so that they can continue as this sort of private fiefdom with its own sovereignty.

It’s very interesting, the Defense Department also has this thing where they have their own sovereignty and basically, like Miley says, well, I don’t owe loyalty to the Commander in Chief, I have loyalty to the Constitution, which I interpret for myself. It means basically I’m an independent actor.

Leahy: Right. Interesting. Lonnie Spivak in studio here has a question for you.

McCabe: Hey Lonnie.

Spivak: Hey Neil. With all the information that we have from Hunter Biden’s laptop and the connections that are starting to pop up now between the documents on the laptop and the documents that were in Joe Biden’s possession, how severe do you think this gets for him?

McCabe: I think he lives without fear yesterday, today and tomorrow. He doesn’t care. He’s fine. Nothing’s going to happen to him.

Leahy: That’s definitive. But he’s crooked! He’s crooked!

McCabe: Listen. Yeah, he’s crooked. Yes, he’s running for the working for the Chicoms. One of my favorites of Hunter Biden is when a buddy of his says, hey, my friends and I were trying to reboot this old Rhodesian gold mine. We understand you have an investment fund. Can you help us?

Hunter emails back, hey man, I don’t know anything about gold mines. I just don’t want to get involved in something I just don’t know personally. Sorry, friend. His next email is to the Chinese. He says, hey, these guys have a gold mine. They’re running out of money. I think we can steal it from them. Let’s go.

Leahy: (Laughter) Did you see the Miranda Divine story of the New York Post where she went through the laptop and saw this very detailed 22-point communication from Hunter Biden to his business partner in Ukraine, Devon Archer.

This, like, a week before he got the deal with Burisma to get, like, $80,000 a month to just do nothing. And the 22 points, it looks like it talks like it, and it sounds like a classified briefing that, oh, I don’t know, he might have had access to this. Sounds very crooked. What comes of that?

McCabe: Nothing.

Leahy: Oh, Neil.

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