Commentary: Amateurish FBI Raid on Innocent Trump Supporter’s Home Ought to Chill Every American

Jan. 6 Capitol riot
by Rick Manning


Last week the FBI raided the home of an Alaska couple who had attended former President Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 peaceful rally near the White House.

According to the Alaska Watchman:

Paul and Marilyn Hueper, owners of Homer Inn & Spa, woke with a start at 9 a.m. April 28 when a dozen armed FBI agents kicked down their front door in an investigation associated with Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s stolen laptop, which was taken during the Jan. 6 siege of the nation’s Capitol.

Homer resident Marilyn Heuper (left), posted this photo on Facebook to show the physical differences between her and the woman who FBI agents were looking for when they raided her home on April 28.

Speaking April 29 to Kenai-based radio host Bob Bird of the Bird’s Eye View, Paul recalled that he was alarmed and shocked to come out of his bedroom with seven guns pointing at him and his wife.

“It was a little alarming when I turned around the corner,” Paul said. “The first thing they did was start barking out commandments.”

Ultimately, the couple was handcuffed and interrogated for the better part of three hours before being released. In the end, it was a case of mistaken identity.

Alaska radio host and former U.S. Senate candidate Bob Bird weighed in on the near tragedy with these comments in the Alaska Watchman, “[This] is an example of what happens when a lawless and completely illegitimate political party and administration come to power. The Democrats are utilizing the proven techniques of communism and fascism, and weaponizing federal law enforcement for political purposes. They are now reaping the fruits of the November’s compromised election. Its aftermath spells the end of freedom in America. It is no longer a threat. It is here, and none of us are safe.”

The increasingly partisan FBI never ceases to amaze in their clownish but dangerous pursuit of anyone who attended President Trump’s rally on Jan. 6.  The latest barely-averted disaster was the 9 am home invasion in Homer, Alaska by seven armed-to-the-teeth invaders.

Reminiscent of the wrong house no-knock warrant which resulted in the death of Brianna Taylor, tragedy was only averted by the victims of the FBI intrusion not grabbing guns to defend their home.

The ultimate irony is that they were in search of Nancy Pelosi’s laptop which they mistakenly believed made it to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The day prior, FBI agents raided the home of President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, on a highly publicized raid designed to show that the Trump administration had failed in efforts to end the corruption of the once proud agency. During the raid, Giuliani offered them a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop which agents declined due to their belief that only supporters of President Trump should be subjected to their jack boot tactics.”

If this story does not chill you to the bone about the absence of basic civil rights in America, very little will.

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Rick Manning is President of Americans for Limited Government.
Photo “January 6 capitol riot” by Blink O’fanaye CC 2.0.





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4 Thoughts to “Commentary: Amateurish FBI Raid on Innocent Trump Supporter’s Home Ought to Chill Every American”

  1. David A

    And over two years later, there’s ZERO evidence of your claim – it was all Trumpers, and ruled, in court, a seditious conspiracy against the United States.

    Everyone who attacked the Capitol building that day, especially the ones that broke in (and they DID break in, through windows and doors) are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. Ashleigh Babbit is a domestic terrorist, and more than most, should have known better, having sworn an oath to defend our Constitution, part of which she was attacking that day.

    Are you still proud of Trump now that he’s convicted of sexual assault & tax evasion, and going into 4 more trials with 91 counts of attempted election fraud, stealing, hiding & lying about classified docs, more tax evasion, and Jan 6th charges to boot.

    Will you still vote for Trump if he’s in prison? (I assume so, because only he can do no wrong.) Do you support a sex offender? Do you condone election fraud? Do you condone sedition?

    I weep for the cult the GOP has become. I remember when they weren’t nuts.

  2. Noneya

    My link to the above comment was deleted, but you can google the following headline from Townhall:

    Utah Man with a History of Organizing Violent Antifa, BLM Protests, Was Inside the Capitol !

  3. Karen

    Trumps “peaceful rally”! Is that supposed to be a joke. Trump sponsored a violent insurrection. Anyone with eyes could see that!

    1. Nonya

      The only insurrection was carried out by paid BLM/Antifa terrorist :
      who were paid to dress up like Trump supporters and insight violence so the Capitol Police who were told to let them into the Capitol could document who was there and go after them.
      Furthermore, we have all witnessed the murders of police and innocent American’s and the destruction of billions worth of property and the destruction of whole cities by BLM and Antifa terrorist mobs who have had all their charges dropped so they can continue their destruction while MSM whitewashes their terror.

      However, you can LIE and censor all you want, but your efforts are not going to be successful as tens of millions of American’s are on to you.