Commentary by Richard Viguerie: America’s Biggest Lawbreaker Versus Donald Trump

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by Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman and Mark Fitzgibbons

February 21, 2017

Donald Trump was elected to make America great again. To do this, he knew he would need to take on America’s biggest lawbreaker.

America’s biggest lawbreaker is fighting back against President Trump by doing what it knows best — violating the Constitution and other laws governing it. This lawbreaker is trying to subvert his presidency and undermine the Constitution. It is ruthless in its lawbreaking and lawlessness.

RAV Nigel FarageAmerica’s biggest lawbreaker is not the collection of illegal aliens in our country. It’s not even radical Islam. As dangerous as those threats are to our safety and sovereignty, they are being aided and abetted by the actual biggest lawbreaker in America.

As we wrote in 2011 in The Law That Governs Government, “Government is the oldest, largest and most pervasive lawbreaker in America.”

Yes, government is America’s biggest lawbreaker — with no close second.

Before Donald Trump ran for president on his campaign to make America great again we wrote, “Government lawbreaking is bringing down the greatest and fairest engine of prosperity in history — the American economy. Political establishment lawbreaking is economically and morally rotting America from within.”

America’s biggest lawbreaker is threatened by the Trump administration, which is targeting the lawless, bloated, unaccountable administrative state, crony government, and violations of our religious and other constitutional rights.

We wrote about then what is now confronting President Trump and his administration in spades: “The political establishment is now openly contemptuous and arrogant in its high profile lawbreaking.  After all, who’s going to prevent the government from breaking the law? The government has more resources, and is bigger and more powerful than any of its victims. Plus, it has what private lawbreakers do not have: the power to control and change the rules of the game, and with penalties of law on its side.”

America’s biggest lawbreaker is not only openly contemptuous of the law, but we are seeing it attack the Trump administration in sub rosa fashion through illegal leaks of classified information and spreading fake news. “In addition to its lawbreaking that takes place in the open, there is the cloistered lawbreaking done by anonymous bureaucrats and in backroom deals by public officials,” we wrote in 2011.

Donald Trump ran for president because he seemed to understand the frustration of Americans with society’s biggest lawbreaker. The phenomenon had been brewing for decades, but worsened under the lawless Obama administration. We wrote, “Americans are fed up with the political establishment and how it abuses and misuses the law, legal systems and public policy to benefit and enrich its members and its cronies.”

Just as John McCain and others are siding with liberal media against President Trump now, we noted that “[t]he Republican Party establishment has not only tolerated government lawbreaking; it has participated in it.”

Efforts by bureaucrats within the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, and even the Justice Department and national security infrastructure to undermine the Trump administration are signs that the administrative state is openly hostile to the constitutional rule of law. As stated in The Law That Governs Government:

We now live in a regulatory state where government doesn’t enforce the law so much as it picks the winners and losers in private matters.  Government has corrupted the law so that it is no longer protection against the “bad guys.” Government itself has become the equivalent of a criminal syndicate, but with virtually limitless power and resources, including the capacity to make and enforce public laws its victims must follow.

The liberal media are more than willing to assist in the subversiveness of America’s biggest lawbreaker. This is nothing new, except they are now taking it to an unparalleled level: “Knowing that exposing government lawbreaking hurts ‘their side,’ the liberal media provide cover for it.  The amount of government lawbreaking that is actually made public and known is probably not even the tip of the iceberg,” we wrote.

The Trump administration is the biggest threat in decades to America’s biggest lawbreaker, which is now in a life-or-death war for its lawbreaking ways. “Those who aren’t on the in with this system have caught on to the fact that the political establishment relies on violating our paramount law to create this class system of who is in and who is out,” we wrote.

The gig is up. A new sheriff is in town, and he and his deputies are rounding up the lawbreakers. The left is fully engaged in support of lawbreaking government, creating rallies, packing townhall meetings with elected officials, and spreading fake news.

Conservatives can help the Trump administration by attending townhall meetings, participating in local GOP meetings, and ensuring local and state GOP committees oppose government lawlessness.

We can keep the grassroots pressure on the judicial confirmation process so that we have Supreme Court justices and federal judges who do not favor lawless government over the constitutional rule of law.

We can keep the pressure on the Senate in favor Trump administration officials requiring confirmation.

We can become citizen whistleblowers by reporting lawlessness and lawbreaking by federal government officials and employees to your congressman and senators, and copy conservative publications with your letters.

We all need to support conservative grassroots organizations that are battling corruption in government and the liberal media. You can have an impact by associating with organizations representing the tens of millions of Americans who are fed up with America’s biggest lawbreaker.

To read more about America’s biggest lawbreaker, you may click on this link and download for free The Law That Governs Government: Reclaiming the Constitution from Usurpers and Society’s Biggest Lawbreaker.

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