Commentary: New George Soros Scheme Coming to Your Town

In January George Soros’s secretive Open Society Foundations (OSF) began passing out 10 million dollars in a brand-new grant intended for non-profits who will, according to its website, “document and aggregate incidents of hate as they happen, and categorize them by type of offense, targeted community, and geographic location.” In “resisting the spread of hate” the Soros group wants “to ensure that incidents are included, tracked and aggregated in local and national data-bases”.

I attended the “We the People” immigration conference in Nashville, December 2016 brought to you by The National Partnership for New Americans and others – a showcase of the close cooperation between the professional left and U.S. corporate executive suites.

As one Walmart executive noted there is a “mind-blowing” number of groups representing immigrant rights today “and on any given day they are asking us for money”. He then went on to recount how Walmart and these groups work together on common goals.

A ‘break-out’ session was devoted to the soon-to-be launched OSF hate-fighting grant. The money, to be parceled out in amounts ranging from $15,000 to $150,000, was available to anyone who promised to report hate incidents according to OSF staff. There was assurance that the money could be easily and quickly obtained with relatively little vetting of the requesting organizations, though it was not clear exactly what qualified as a “hate” incident.

Someone in the audience asked if reporting “police brutality” would qualify an organization for grant money. An OSF staffer explained that this would not qualify since “police brutality” was already covered in other OSF grant programs.

Another potential grant recipient asked “is someone being radicalized by online ISIS propaganda an example of hate we should report?” The presenter said ‘no’, that was not something they were interested in, but schoolyard bullying was ok to report.

Recently, as if on cue, The Tennessean reported a group of non-profits is “launching ‘Respect Nashville’ to track report and respond to incidents of hate in our community.” The group encourages “all Nashvillians to report acts of hate… to a new hotline number and online reporting form” and vows to help victims “find appropriate resources and plan a response.” ( Respect Nashville will respond to hate, uphold our values, 1/18/2017)

Is the timing of the launch of ‘Respect Nashville’ a coincidence, or is ‘Respect Nashville’ just another Soros pop-up group?

OSF does not appear on the group’s website. But the new organization counts among its supporters The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, ACLU, NAACP, American Muslim Advisory Council, Tennessee Equality Project, Tennessee Disability Coalition, Jewish Federation and The Jewish Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The first 4 of these groups receive OSF money directly or indirectly.

I wonder how many hate hoaxes will result as a result of this opportunity to keep the narrative going and the money flowing. I wonder how much real hate will be ignored.

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