Letter to the Editor: Protesters Crossed the Line

Dear Tennessee Star,

February 15, two lawmakers, Sen. Mae Beavers and Rep. Pody, attempted to conduct a press conference about two bills they are sponsoring, the Traditional Marriage Bill and the Bathroom Bill. Protesters disrupted the conference. It was abruptly halted. Protesters crossed the line for peaceful protesting. Not only did they shout the legislators down from speaking, protesters followed them out shouting even more. Protesters were belligerent , crude, and rude. Denying the legislators to speak and the public’s right to be heard showed bullying at its best.

When you peel back the layers of this incident it boils down to good versus evil. Fidelity in relationships of marriage, parenthood, and friendship; commitment to right principles in business, sanctity of one’s word…all of these are ancient landmarks placed by God in His holy word. Spiritual landmarks are there for all time and are changed at the changer’s peril. Spiritual landmarks do not need updating and changing because human needs and nature remain the same as they were from the beginning. Removing those ancient landmarks endangers human happiness. Those who honor those ancient landmarks have it all – inner peace, satisfaction, and most of all, assurance that they will spend eternity in heaven. The value system that leaves God out loses happiness both here and in eternity.

Those who claim to be somewhat in worldly thought and deed think of themselves as being higher in degrees of social achievement. Truth be known, they are partakers in leading the world into an ever increasing downward spiral of digression in every realm, both socially and spiritually. In studying the Bible, I have observed when nations are spiritually strong, they enjoy prosperity. When they become spiritually bankrupt, they are taken over. America would do well to study and return to those ancient landmarks of godly principles before it is too late.

State Sen. Mae Beavers and Representative Mark Pody are to be applauded for their stand on legislation that is good for citizens’ protection and upholds the Constitution. Christians must stand for what is right, speak up, and be heard on all forms of unrighteousness. The Bible is this world’s absolute standard of Truth – right and wrong. Those who differ will find themselves on the wrong side of God on judgment day and throughout all eternity. To the ungodly, living a moral, upright, decent, honest life is “strange.” Yet, living the Christian life is the only way to heaven. We would do well to seek the ancient landmarks by studying all of God’s holy word before our journey is over. It doesn’t matter what you or I think…It matters what God thinks.

Sherrie O.
Lebanon, Tennessee

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2 Thoughts to “Letter to the Editor: Protesters Crossed the Line”

  1. Ed Evans

    The art of distraction is the hallmark of the liberal. The issue is the denial of freedom of speech; denying Senator Beavers and Rep. Pody their right to speak to the assembled group. But suddenly it becomes an issue of gay rights. That’s the “Look, there’s a squirrel” syndrome. Hallmark of the liberal who will deny you your Constitutional rights in order to win an argument, in order to prove they are right and you are wrong, in order to convert you to their warped desires.
    Sen. Beavers and Rep. Pody are living up to the oath they took when they assumed their office. God bless them. Support them, ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Christopher Ryan

    “Denying the legislators to speak and the public’s right to be heard showed bullying at its best.”

    Yet, denying gays their rights is okay?

    ” good versus evil.”

    Taking away someone’s rights are evil. You’re morality is warped.

    “Spiritual landmarks do not need updating”

    We are a secular republic, not a theocracy. If you want theocracy, go to Saudi Arabia.

    “State Sen. Mae Beavers and Representative Mark Pody are to be applauded”

    They are doing Tennessee a disservice and not serving their constituents properly. There are hundreds of more pressing problems in Tennessee. These two clowns are focusing on this to distract you from their failures.

    “To the ungodly, living a moral, upright, decent, honest life is “strange.””

    Actually, it is not.