Shenanigans at the State Capital

Tennessee Star Letter to the Editor - Shenanigans at the State House


Dear Tennessee Star,

Shenanigans at the State Capitol never cease. The proposed Gas Tax is a tax that will definitely affect every single Tennessee citizen in more ways than one. The Transportation House Sub Committee suddenly adjourned their meeting last week and the next meeting is at HIGH NOON, March 1 in LP Room 16.  I wonder if more time was needed in order to twist more arms in order to vote a certain way.

If you like paying more taxes, pay this article no mind. But, if you realize that many politicians can’t spend enough Tennessee citizens’ money…read on and contact the House Transportation Sub Committee members below and then pass this information on to others and ask them to do the same.

Haslam’s Gas Tax Proposal

  1. The governor proposes a 7 cent increase in gas tax and 12 cent increase in diesel tax Also, there is a pesky automatic index to future gas tax increases…which means this proposed gas tax will automatically increase. That means, this gas tax will keep on taking bigger bites out of your wallet as time moves on, and you, the taxpayer will have no say in the matter.
  2. Haslam says that it will be “revenue neutral.” Not buying that one. The math doesn’t add up. Keep in mind of that pesky automatic increase that is embedded in the proposed Haslam gas tax. For more information on this topic read:   They are loaded with eye popping information.
  3. Approximately 95% of goods in Tennessee are delivered by truck. So, that means all those businesses bringing goods and services to you…will pass the increased gas tax cost on to you. Costs are going to rise on every item brought to you by truck.
  4. City and county vehicles, who must fill the gas tanks of their vehicles…such as school buses, maintenance trucks, etc. will naturally pass that increased cost along to you either in the form of increased sales tax, property tax, or wheel tax.

In this tax plan, the consumer loses money several more times than just at the gas pump.

Hawk Plan

This plan is a sustainable initiative to fund our roads without raising taxes. It will dedicate a portion of sales tax that is already collected by the state. The Hawk Plan will fully fund our long term transportation needs. By using dollars already in the budget, it will generate at least 300 million dollars a year. The Hawk plan solves the infrastructural funding problem, and best of all you get to keep more of your money in your wallet and spend money where you choose.

Families have to be responsible for how they spend money. Shouldn’t government do the same? When government taxes increase, your liberty and prosperity diminishes.

Please contact the following house members on the Sub Transportation Committee that meets on Wednesday, March 1st at HIGH NOON in LP Conference Room 16. Tell them you are opposed to Haslam’s Gas Tax and that you are delighted with Rep. Hawk’s Common Sense Plan to fund our roads and bridges without raising taxes. It will keep more dollars in your wallet, and you will have the freedom to decide where to spend your money which ultimately also increases sales tax dollars in our now over 2 billion dollar surplus. Yep…We are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

It is important that you contact all of the committee members because this proposed gas tax affects every single Tennessee citizens’ pocketbook in the state.

House Sub Transportation Committee

  1.  Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver Chairman (Republican)**
    phone: 615-741-2192                           email:     [email protected]
  1. Rep. Barry Doss (Republican)
    phone: 615-741-7476                            email:    [email protected]
  1. Rep. Courtney Rogers (Republican)
    phone: 615-741-3893                           email:    [email protected]
  1. Rep. Jerry Sexton (Republican)
    phone: 615-741-2534                            email:    [email protected]
  1. Rep. Sam Whitson (Republican)
    phone: 615-741-1864                            email:    [email protected]
  1. Rep. John Mark Windle (Democrat)
    phone: 615-741-1260                            email:    [email protected]
  1. Rep. David Alexander (Republican)
    phone: 615-741-8695                            email:    [email protected]
  1. Rep. Barbara Cooper (Democrat)
    phone 615- 741-4295                             email:  [email protected]

** Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver is strongly for Hawk’s Plan. Please contact her. Tell her you appreciate her being a standing strong fiscal patriot. She will appreciate the support!


Sherrie O.
Lebanon, Tennessee


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