‘America First Federation’ Formed as Broad Coalition of State-Based Groups Supporting President Trump’s Agenda; Inspired by Success of Nashville Rally

NASHVILLE, Tennessee– “A broad coalition of patriot leaders and groups have announced the formation of the America First Federation (AFF),” the organization announced in a press statement released today.

The group’s mission is to support President Trump’s agenda and push back against the mainstream media and organized left wing activists who are attempting to create the false impression there is widespread opposition to that agenda, founders tell The Tennessee Star.

“The founders of the America First Federation include the following ten key states that will be the focus of activists’ efforts over the coming months. Those states are Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin,” the statement said.

“It’s more important today, than ever, that conservative groups across the USA stand coordinated, together, and shoulder-to-shoulder as we fight off the attacks of the rabid left and their lapdogs in the media. America First, a new federation of conservative, patriotic groups, will allow us to go on the offensive and support our president,” Mark Shackelford, America First Texas said.

“The America First Federation is based upon successful models deployed over the past election cycle,” Mark Skoda, founder of AFF and organizer of the March 4 pro-Trump Spirit of America rally, largest in the nation among several dozen held on that day, said.

“These included the extensive use of social media, rapid response to media and micro-targeting of voters. We understand the importance of standing together while enhancing the ability to frame the discussion and realize gains in this approach to collaboration,” Skoda added.

The federation will act as a “rapid response” team to counteract mainstream media misinformation, the AFF statement said.

“As a woman and mother, my concerns for the country revolve around our message of smaller government and accountability,” America First board member and long-time conservative activist Rebecca Ann Burke said.

“The AFF provides a way in which we can coordinate our efforts nationally and respond to the antagonism of the left through the media and hold them accountable to responsible reporting,” she added.
“There is an unprecedented attack on President Trump and those of us who supported his election,” Skoda said.

“We will no longer be silent. As we stated at the Nashville rally on March 4th, we have established a set of declarations that enumerate our views and our activism. The extraordinary efforts, put forward by common citizens to make their voices heard, will now have a federation capable of national communication,” he concluded.

AFF can be contacted here.

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