Barrasso Tells America First Energy Forum Biden ‘All Hat, No Cattle’

Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, attended the March 31, 2022, Washington-based America First Policy Institute forum ‘Unleashing U.S. Energy Dominance,’ where Sen. John A. Barrasso III (R.-Wyo.), the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, gave the keynote address.

Barrasso told the audience of conservative and energy policy leaders that President Joseph R. Biden Jr. was a disappointment because he made big promises, but he has no follow-through. ‘In Wyoming, when people make all these statements but don’t have anything to show for it, they say: ‘All hat and no cattle.’

The senator said if Biden was serious about fixing the energy economy, he would do three things: Call off the regulatory attack dogs targeting energy producers; loosen the permitting for pipelines and natural gas export terminals; and stop vilifying Americans working in the oil and gas industry.


McCabe: As Americans are paying gasoline prices approaching 40-year highs the Washington-based American First Policy Institute hosted Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso for a talk unleashing U.S. energy dominance.

Barrasso: When I think of energy I think about energy security for our nation, economic strength, and environmental stewardship and nobody does it better than us.

McCabe: Barrasso whose state is number one in coal and number six in natural gas said President Joe Biden is a disappointment on energy.

Barrasso: The president is really interested because he made all these empty promises you know and he’s going to deliver this and deliver that but they don’t know how they’re going to do it.

Wyoming when people make all these statements we don’t have anything to show for it they call it ‘All hat and no cattle.’

McCabe: Mark Lotter, America First Policy Institute’s Chief Communications Officer said the energy forum is part of the institute’s mission.

Lotter: The issues that are that matter to the American people are the things that we’re doing the deep dives on because this entire movement is setting the stage for what comes next when we are able to put America first in our policy again in Washington D.C.

McCabe: Barrasso told the audience Biden can do three things to make the U. S. energy dominant.

Barrasso: If he’s really serious about getting back to America first and focusing on the needs of America he has to do three things. One is he has to say has to actually say we’re going to produce more oil and gas in America.

We’re going to call off the attack dogs in all of these different places where they’re on the move. And the second thing he has to do is he has to say we’re going to actually build the pipelines and allow for permits for the pipelines cut the red tape and improve the permitting for the export terminals to move LNG to Europe.

McCabe: The third thing is about respect for other Americans he said.

Barrasso: The third thing is he has to stop vilifying the hard-working oil and gas people in this country who go to work every day to make sure we can keep the lights on and we can drive our cars.

McCabe: Among biden’s problems the senator said the president does not listen to the very Americans who can fix our energy crisis.

Barrasso: But this is a guy that has Iran and Venezuela on speed dial with calls are blocked coming in from Wyoming and Texas.

McCabe: Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.


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