GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Boyd and Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Both Want Refugees But Remain Silent on Female Genital Mutilation Threat

Tennessee Star


GOP Gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd and Nashville Mayor Megan Barry have something in common.

They both want refugees resettled in Tennessee, and they both remain silent on the threat of female genital mutilation (FGM) to women and girls in the Volunteer State.

Reiterating her campaign theme, “it doesn’t matter where you started life or how you got here” progressive Mayor Megan Barry lauded Nashville for being a “warm and welcoming place” during her second state of Metro address, yet did not respond to the Tennessee Star’s questions about the threat of FGM to women and girls in Davidson County.

Barry’s office was asked last week if based on the Mayor’s support for increased refugee resettlement and the high immigration from FGM prevalent countries to Nashville, whether the discovery of and prosecution for FGM in Michigan raises any concern for her administration about what might be happening in her city?

No response was received from Mayor Barry’s office.

Despite the Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin Metropolitan Statistical Area being ranked 20th in the country for the potential risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) as reported by the Population Reference Bureau, and despite Nashville being the city that receives the highest number of refugees annually including refugees from high FGM prevalent countries, there is no mention of FGM in the Metro 2015-2019 Community Health Improvement Plan.

Metro Nashville, however, is also a significant point of intersection for both Mayor Barry and gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd.

Boyd and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce are both named members of the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) which recently awarded Nashville a “Gateways for Growth” grant designed to support immigration to the city. PNAE supports both legal immigration like refugee resettlement and illegal immigration.

Former mayor Karl Dean, also a named member of PNAE, referred to the Kurdish, Somali and Sudanese refugees in Nashville as “growing enclaves of immigrants.”

Ninety-eight percent of women and girls ages 15 -29 in Somalia have been mutilated, eighty-seven percent in Sudan, and as reported previously by Tennessee Star, FGM remains a persistent problem in Kurdistan despite being banned in 2011. Refugees from each of these countries have been brought to Nashville by federal refugee resettlement contractors.

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) report estimates that 500,000 women and girls in the U.S. are either at risk for female genital mutilation (FGM) or have already been mutilated and ranked Tennessee 18th overall for risk to women and girls from FGM. The PRB is supported by organizations including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the National Council of La Raza, among others.

Gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd made a $250,000 donation to La Raza Chairman’s Nashville organization.

The Boyd campaign was contacted by the Tennessee Star on April 22nd and asked the following:

Is the Boyd campaign aware of the expanded FGM case developing in Michigan?  If not, it happens now that additional cases of young girls living in Michigan in addition to the ones being brought in from out of state, and additional perpetrators are now part of what is happening there.

With that being the case, and the immigration to Tennessee from high FGM prevalence countries, the CDC and PRB estimates of high threat to women and girls in TN from FGM and Randy’s support for continued immigration to TN including refugees, would what is happening in Michigan raise any concerns for the him about possible FGM activity in TN and/or instances of young girls being transported out of state for this purpose?

You might look and see that La Raza is a supporter of PRB and their reporting on this issue is very troubling for TN.

Currently, there is no reporting requirement by healthcare providers to the TDH and there were 21 cases documented in TN hospitals in 2011 – would Randy support reporting to the TDH?

Would Randy have any position on mandated training for healthcare providers to look for the signs and symptoms of FGM is being provided to licensed TN healthcare providers the way they are taking it on in the UK?

No response to date has been received from the Boyd campaign.


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7 Thoughts to “GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Boyd and Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Both Want Refugees But Remain Silent on Female Genital Mutilation Threat”

  1. Sophia Othello-Estrada

    What’s more disturbing is that Tennessee is being swamped with So-called Refugees and Illegal Aliens, so is most of America! Why are these Liberal DemonRat Traitors ruining everything!? This will change Tennessee cities for the Worse!

    Also, LA Raze is a Hispanic Racist Hate organization! Why is anyone giving them money? Or letting them in? Or wanting their advice!?
    Not only that, I noticed some of those other ones mentioned are Pro things that will hurt legal citizens and are funded by that Evil George Soros….and if you don’t know how bad he is then just search on your search engines, but Never use the brainwashing lying biased Google or Yahoo! Use the search engines “duckduckgo” or “GoodGogher”! At least these two will not try to hide the truth like “Google” and “Yahoo” !

  2. Wolf Woman

    Megan Barry is a self-described “progressive.” Does she realize that this term describes a person dedicated to a socialist/communist agenda?

    Mayor Barry, please check out Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, China, and Russia for examples of what happens economically (disappearance of the middle class and a spiral into poverty) and socially (tyranny and suppression of individual freedoms) to those countries who follow this system. Is this your goal, Mayor Barry? Do you see yourself as the elite in a system designed to be a financial pyramid scheme?

    Today in Nashville and other cities in our country, there is a scheduled May Day (a socialist communist day also celebrated in North Korea, Cuba, China, Russia and many Islamic countries) parade of socialist illegal aliens in Nashville. You would think that after all these years of socialist failure, people would learn. But it seems that envy, which the system is based on, is a greater magnet than the belief in freedom and justice under the law (especially ours).


Those who march have broken the law to get here because their own system of economics and government failed. Now they want to change our system and laws to suit their own needs instead of staying in their countries and fighting for change there. And the Chamber of Commerce/Big Business cartel members with their greed for higher and higher profit margins like Randy Boyd support them. BTW, Randy, La Raza, whose reps are marching in today’s parade, means “The Race”. How’s that for racism?


In Boyd’s greed to add more to his immense wealth, he and others of his ilk like Sen. Bob Corker, support refugees who come here to milk our welfare system and to take jobs away from our citizens by lowering the wage scale, meanwhile never speaking out about the barbaric, horrendous Islamic practice of FGM. Why? I may be jaded but I’ll hazard a guess that it has something to do with votes.

    1. Chuck S.

      Megan Barry is too vacuous even to know what “communist” means. She’s a typical hypocrite who claims progressive values and is a shill for corporate interests. Until Nashville matures and elects competent, intelligent people, it will continue to slide into corruption and bankruptcy.

    2. Jane Madison

      Wolf Woman, your guess is correct. The answer is votes, power and money and to close the door on anyone who wants to work hard and make money honestly.

  3. Dwayne Oxford

    The GOP is simply criminal, dishing up RINOs like Haslam, Alexander, Corker, etc. for the sheeple to vote in. They’ve really did the Nation more damage than the DNC.

  4. Ruth Fennell

    All of these candidates are cowards… they don’t want to get caught actually saying what they believe or support so they just follow Obama’s example and ignore the question… then, if/when finally forced to respond, they can use Hillary’s example and say “what difference, at this point, does it make?” to try and dismiss the issues….

  5. CAPT S

    There’s a political party established for the likes of Mr. Boyd … it’s called the Democrat Party.