Christian Leaders Give Bibles To First Responders In Goodlettsville

Church leaders have been giving Bibles to firefighters and police officers in Goodlettsville this week in a show of support.

Some firefighters received their Bibles on Thursday – the National Day of Prayer, reports WKRN News 2.

Fire Chief Kenneth Reeves told WKRN that his firefighters appreciate the support.

“They get a real boost,” he said. “They get strength from being acknowledged every now and then.”

Seven organizations are involved in distributing the pocket-size Bibles, which are imprinted before they are handed out.

“We wanted to make sure that every policeman and every fireman gets a Bible with their name on it so it is something they can take with them,” said Pastor Joe Marlar. “We just simply want to say thank you for protecting our community.”

Marlar said he also wants first responders to know that Christians are praying for their safety.

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