Nashville Council Member Bob Mendes: ‘Trump Is A Racist M***** F*****’


Nashville Metro Council Member Bob Mendes tweeted during Tuesday night’s presidential debate that U.S. President Donald Trump is “a racist m***** f*****.”

“Yes, I wrote the tweet,” Mendes told The Tennessee Star in an email Wednesday.

“Before Donald Trump was a candidate, he consistently made sexist and racist statements. He brought that same bad behavior to the White House, including his race-baiting statements about the unrest in Charlottesville a few years ago. It’s hard to believe that Trump could say or do worse. But that’s what happened on Tuesday night when the sitting President of the United States refused to denounce white supremacy and refused to acknowledge that he would honor the upcoming election results.”

Mendes went on to say that “Trump doesn’t respect America or Americans.”

The Star asked Mendes’ colleague, Metro Council member At-Large Steve Glover, to comment. Glover said he did not know about the tweet as of Wednesday evening.

“You verified that he put that on Twitter? Really?” Glover asked.

“I have never said anything bad-mouthed about [Joe] Biden, and I won’t and I hope I am beyond that. He said Trump is a racist? He’s a this and he’s a that? Well, let me just say this. Bob is a taxer. He just cost the people of Nashville 34 to 37 percent additional property tax. So, he can call Trump whatever he wants to. When I am behind closed doors I can chew people out and do whatever. But publicly I don’t think we say those kinds of words or infer them.”

Former Nashville mayoral candidate Carol Swain, meanwhile, said “it is disgusting and disappointing when our elected officials resort to gutter language rather than rational discourse to express disagreement.”

“Bob Mendes has disrespected the office of the presidency and has shown the world his contempt for President Trump, a man who has done more for Black Americans than any other president elected during my lifetime,” Swain said.

“Mendes has proven his unfitness for higher office by posting such a vulgar and vile tweet.”

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden, meanwhile, told The Star in an email Wednesday that he hoped Mendes would quickly delete his post.

Mendes’ tweet was still up as of Wednesday night.

“One would think as Nashville businesses are being closed, workers being laid off, sponsoring and passing a 34 percent property tax raise, and the prospect of the city being taken over by the State for financial mismanagement, that Councilman Mendes would spend his evenings in a more productive way,” Golden said.

Staff for Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and Nashville Mayor John Cooper did not immediately return requests for comment Wednesday.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Bob Mendes” by Bob Mendes. Background Photo “Tweet” by Bob Mendes.








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38 Thoughts to “Nashville Council Member Bob Mendes: ‘Trump Is A Racist M***** F*****’”

  1. LC

    Thanks for pointing out some TRUTH, J….

  2. Clay

    I told my child growing up that people that talk that way show their lack of intelligence and limited vocabulary. People in authority should be better than that, nobody wants to hear their vile gutter trash talk. Nashville can do a lot better than this small man.

  3. That makes Mendez a race baiter.

  4. Well, I suppose that makes Mendez a race baiter.
    Little difference.

    1. No Agenda

      Not only a race baiter, but he did not listen to what the President said.

  5. Wolf Woman

    For some reason, progressive/socialists/marxists curse like drunken sailors. In the videos of the BLM/Antifa riots in Portland and other cities, the wildings repeat “bro” and the “F” word over and over and over again.

    1. Linda Primm

      Yes. I suppose that’s due to their limited intellect…😡

    2. No Agenda

      It is a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  6. jj

    Mendes, your name-calling is typical of basement dweller “rambo’s who hide behind their keyboards & post disgusting comments. If you want to call President Trump a name that’s your choice, just leave off the foul language. Grow up “little man”.

  7. Mimi

    Why do we have lying FOOLS like this on the Metro Council? Anybody who repeats the Charlottesville LIE doesn’t deserve to represent anybody in Nashville.

  8. Bubba N.

    Also, here is a link to Council’s campaign finance disclosures. You can see how much money each candidate raised and where it was spent. Mendes has a $153k loan to his campaign from two years ago that has never been repaid. It may be his own money, but if not, I wonder who gave his campaign a loan that did not need to be repaid?

  9. John Reynolds

    The mayor and members of council know they will not be re-elected, and trying to keep the referendum off the ballot has sealed their fate. They are VERY dangerous now. Mendes’ childish, vulgar behavior is the least of the problems. Maybe Nashville will wake up now. Maybe not. But this is their last chance to survive as not-Detroit.

  10. Michelle Hutchinson

    So, this guy is a Nashville Council Member, on the board at Father Ryan AND also works for the law firm, Sherrard and Roe ??? Well now, this is GOOD to KNOW!!! What a JERK!!! I know he makes each and every person that he represents SO VERY PROUD. Such upstanding man …. Scraping the bottom of the barrel here folks!!!

  11. TJ

    As someone who works in legal for a large law firm one of the greatest threats to this country are self-righteous progressive left attorneys. They makeup 90% of the attorneys in the firms I have worked for. The snakes heads that will need to be dealt with accordingly to save the Republic.

  12. Paul Hubbuch

    He also is on the Board of Directors at Father Ryan. He should be forced off that board as well.

    1. Ron Welch

      “…on the Board of Directors at Father Ryan” ?? Wow! “Teach Your Children Well” –CSNY

  13. Mary

    Voting has consequences. Mendes and his foul mouth is a consequence of voting.
    Next time, Nashville, do better. At least, try something different.

  14. james b

    you can tell from the smile on that face he is knowing trump gets 4 more years. crawl back under your slimey rock.

    who was that famous revolutionary who said,first thing we di is kill all the lawyers./

    1. Bubba N.

      Well, Shakespeare is often cited but it was not original then, and it is not exactly what he wrote.

      But, Mendes is certainly one lawyer who all the traits: smug, vulgar, condescending, and hateful. The sad thing is—he received the most votes for council-at-large. Nashville needs to change that in his next election.

  15. Ed

    Bob Mendes ought to leave Tennessee and head for China…and take Cooper with him.

  16. Ron Welch

    Does this not violate Twitter’s “Community Standards”? Apparently not, which demonstrates that they engage in discriminatory CENSORSHIP in accordance with the fascist organization they are.

    As for this bigotted Nashvill council member and his vile accusation., he like most all leftists follow Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals and “ACCUSE OTHERS OF WHAT THEY DO”!

  17. Allison Shaw

    So Bob Mendes called Trump exactly what Trump is using “colorful” language. Some of the same people denouncing him have used derogatory language to denigrate people who aren’t white, Christian, or native-born Americans. They’ve used the same code-words for Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians (lazy, shiftless, devious, thieving, drunk, over-sexed, stupid, greedy, criminal, terrorists, etc.) which in themselves are not colorful or profane but become so when used as code-words to justify their racism and bigotry. These people, who all claim to be patriots while hating a good many of their fellow Americans over race/ethnicity, religious/political beliefs, gender, etc., and claim to be people of faith while denigrating the rights of others to follow beliefs other than theirs (or no beliefs at all)… these people are hypocrites because they do exactly the same thing that they deride Mendes for.

    1. 83ragtop50

      Where did you get your decoder ring? Out of a box of Fruit Loops?

    2. jamesb

      do you work for cnn?

  18. Teddy

    Councilman Mended have you no decency or shame at all? I’m sure this will help you with your upcoming mayoral run.

  19. midtngal

    He needs to resign! That would be his reaction if a Republican/Conservative made this foul statement! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! What a disgusting individual he is!

  20. Mary

    sez a lawyer. Who TF does this guy think he is?

  21. Bubba N.

    No surprise that Bob “Comrade” Mendes hates Trump. Make sure you let his employer—law firm Sherrard and Roe in Nashville—how much you appreciate his vulgarity.

    Also, no surprise that COmrade Mendes has spent his life as a bankruptcy lawyer helping businesses avoid paying their debts. He is perfect for a bankrupt Nashville.

  22. Nate Stillman

    This from the people who think President Trump’s comportment leaves him unfit for elected office

  23. Nashville will pay for their actions in the long run, including Mayor McCheese and the Metro Council. The majority of folks in the burbs – whom Nashville relies on for $$$ spent there – will no longer go downtown, unless necessary. On a Friday or Saturday night, downtown already started to resemble Times Square in the ’70s, and that is not meant as a compliment. So let the good folks of Davidson who’ve elected these people and their policies, to enjoy the benefits of said choice.

  24. Tim Price

    Is anyone really surprised? Liberals and Progressives are vile nasty people who simply get triggered when someone gets in their way.

  25. Karen Bracken

    It appears as if Mendes is more interested in spreading lies and hate than the truth. Donald Trump has done many good things for the minority communities since being elected and BEFORE he ever decided to run for President. Just ask the black woman who was addicted to drugs. The Trump family embraced her and she was an executive in their company. Or the black woman who was just released from prison because of Donald Trump. Or Jesse Jackson who gave Trump an award many years ago for his contributions to the black community. Or his golf resort in FL that did not allow blacks to be members UNTIL HE BOUGHT IT and changed that rule as his first line of business after taking ownership. Joe Biden and the Democtat party support big government and socialist policies and their policies have never done anything to lift up the minority communities. Their policies have done nothing but make government slaves out of minorities. All you have to do is look at the major cities all run by Democrats for decades to see their failed results because keeping minorities poorly educated and underemployed keeps them dependent on the Democtats. I didn’t see Biden do anything in 47 years to help the minorities. In fact he was a major influence in getting law passed in 1994 that put more blacks in prison. Presudent Trump passed an EO to get blacks out of prison and into the work force as productive, not dependent, citizens. It is obvious that Mr. Mendes prefers socialism over capitalism and political propaganda over truth and facts. The people of Nashville need to take a hard look, from top to.bottom, at who they are putting in office because the city/county is fast sliding down the slippery slope of tyranny and socialism that will end making Nashville yet another Chicago or Baltimore. And just think the people of Nashville could have had Carol Swain (a black woman) as their Mayor. No matter the color of her skin, she would have been a much better choice. What did Mr. Mendes do to help her get elected? My guess is NOTHING. So Mr. Mendes who is the racist in this conversation? Perhaps you need to look in the mirror.

  26. John

    Rick, it is unfortunate but, Cooper is just following orders from the top of the Democrat party.

    ‘Hurt the people and blame it on Trump so we can win the election.’

    It is quit disgusting watching this all unfold.

    1. Bubba N.

      Exactly. Mayor Mini Cooper answers to Jim Cooper answers to the DNC answers to George Soros.

      George Soros has shut down Nashville and pommelled taxpayers. I hope Nashville citizens wake up and realize electing democrats is destroying the city.

  27. Julie

    If Glover had written this about a Democrat the liberals here would be calling for him to resign. Democrats are allowed to wallow in the gutter with no demand for consequences.

  28. mikey whipwreck

    people like bob constantly call trump a racist without actually offering any evidence why.

    complete clown.

    its a shame social media has made every person think their opinion is worth something.

  29. Rick

    Mendes , what a disgusting comment. No wonder the city is in trouble with leadership like Mendes. We have some classless individuals like Mendes (an arrogant foul mouthed attorney) on the council, Nashville is in real trouble. Then we have this Mayor, that has put the city in further financial jeopardy further because of his immature childish leadership and ruined the lives of so many people playing politics. God help us all!

    1. Caldwell Hancock