Executive Director Of Latinos For Tennessee Calls Attacks On State Senator Mark Green ‘Character Assassination’

Tennessee Star

The executive director of Latinos For Tennessee is defending state Sen. Mark Green, who has come under attack since being nominated by President Trump to be army secretary.

Progressive groups have mercilessly berated Green (R-Clarksville) for his Christian views, especially as they relate to LGBT issues and Islam.

In a column for The Tennessean, Raul Lopez called the attacks “character assassination” and said that Green “has dedicated much of his professional life to serving others.”

“His appointment should be a proud moment for the Volunteer State that knows firsthand that Senator Green is a selfless patriot who loves our country and has put on the uniform to fight for our precious freedoms,” Lopez wrote. “But because Mark Green is a man of faith, critics are seizing on a handful of statements that are purposefully drawn out of context to paint him as intolerant of others.”

Latinos For Tennessee is a conservative political advocacy group headquartered in Nashville that promotes faith, family, freedom and fiscal responsibility.

Green is a retired Army officer and physician. He is getting slammed for defending traditional marriage and calling former President Obama’s promotion of transgender bathroom policies “absurd” and also for raising questions about what schoolchildren are taught about Islam.

Green is continually lambasted in the mainstream media in stories that present progressive opinions uncritically but heap scorn on Christian and conservative ones.

Among Green’s loudest critics is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which in a statement said it was opposing Green because of his “past Islamophobic statements.”

CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial.

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One Thought to “Executive Director Of Latinos For Tennessee Calls Attacks On State Senator Mark Green ‘Character Assassination’”

  1. John Williams

    If by character assassination you mean quoting him verbatim, then I believe he’s done that quite enough himself.