Gun Manufacturers Sue New York over Law Allowing Gun Stores to Be Held Liable for Armed Crimes

by Eric Lendrum


On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against New York Attorney General Letitia James (D-N.Y.) over the state’s “public nuisance law,” which allows private citizens to sue gun stores and gun manufacturers if their weapons are used in an unrelated crime, CNN reports.

The law, signed into law in July, is the first of its kind in the nation, making gun stores and manufacturers liable in any civil suits that may result from firearms being used to commit crimes, even if the distributors had no role in the crime itself. It was deliberately signed as an attempt to circumvent the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a federal law which specifically granted immunity to arms manufacturers and distributors in such cases.

The lawsuit was filed by some of the most prominent gun manufacturers in the country, including Smith & Wesson, Glock, SIG Sauer, Beretta, Ruger & Company, and Sturm. Naming Attorney General James as a defendant, the suit says that she “expressly acknowledged that the law was enacted as the New York legislature’s attempt to override the federal statutory scheme.” As such, the state law is an effort to “replace the will of Congress and impede lawful commerce outside of New York’s borders.” The lawsuit requests the courts to issue a preliminary injunction, forbidding James and New York State authorities from enforcing the law.

James issued her own statement vowing to “aggressively defend this law.”

“Once again,” her statement read, “the gun lobby is trying to exert total control over this country and thwart common-sense efforts to protect lives.”

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Letitia James” by New York State Attorney General. Background Photo “Gun Wall” by Michael Saechang CC BY-SA 2.0.




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2 Thoughts to “Gun Manufacturers Sue New York over Law Allowing Gun Stores to Be Held Liable for Armed Crimes”

  1. Steve Allen

    Of all the non-Southern license plates I see in our corner of Tennessee, NY ranks number one. And the first words out of peoples mouths are something to the effect that they better not move here with their liberal attitudes. From what I have learned through my research is that these people are moving here because they are Conservative and can’t stand living in NY.

    Well, I think that’s fine, and the gun shop owners should pack up shop as well and get the heck out of NY. States like NY and other liberal s**t holes should be left to their own making. They want to make firearms ownership illegal, de fund or abolish their law enforcement agencies and replace them with social workers, and…..not prosecute criminals and just let them go free after every crime they are caught committing. What could possibly go wrong with that? It’s time for America to draw up sides and get this over with.

  2. Tim Price

    The dishonorable Attorney General is demonstrating her devotion to Communism.