House Finance Chair Charles Sargent Strips Amendment For Vets, Reverting to Pork Project

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House Finance Chairman Charles Sargent (R-Franklin) on Friday stripped an amendment to the budget bill, HB 511, that would have given $3.12 million to veterans, opting instead for a pork project in Williamson County.

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State Rep. Jimmy Matlock .

On Thursday during House debate on the budget, Rep. Jimmy Matlock (R-Lenoir City) introduced an amendment that redirected $3.12 million from the Historical Commission for the demolition and construction of a new Carter House Visitors Center in Franklin to four Tennessee chapters of Honor Flight and Honor Air programs across the state.

These non-profit organizations fly aging veterans to Washington, D.C. in order for them to pay their final respects the memorials dedicated to their sacrifice and to their fellow soldiers who died in battle.  Top priority is given to the senior veterans, World War II veterans, survivors, people who have given their all.  Many of these veterans could be disabled, handicapped, or even terminally ill.

Sargent initially tried to kill the amendment by making the motion to “lay on the table,” but the motion failed by a vote of 35 ayes, 52 nays.

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State Rep. Gerald McCormick .

Despite the disagreement throughout much of the day, this amendment passed with bipartisan support on Thursday with a vote of 49 ayes and 36 nays, only to be stripped the next day by Sargent.  Matlock’s amendment would not have increased the size of the budget, merely moved funds from one line item to another.

Tennessee Star
House Majority Leader Glen Casada (R-Franklin).

“I didn’t realize that the Historical Commission was in the visitor center business,” said Finance Subcommittee Chairman Gerald McCormick (R-Chattanooga) during debate.  On the Tennessee Historical Commission’s website, there is no mention of the construction of new buildings as part of their mission or objectives.

House Majority Leader Glen Casada (R-Franklin) argued against the amendment, invoking David Crockett’s name saying that some 125 years ago “he stood on the halls of Congress.  Congress was debating pensions for the veterans.  David Crockett said this is a job for the citizens of the country to take care of our veterans on areas like this, the honor flight.”  Casada further explained his position voting against the amendment,

It is not the role to take tax monies from those who are barely feeding their family and getting by.  And, so I would submit, this is a good organization, it’s a good idea.  But we as volunteers, we as Tennesseans should take it out of our personal means to make sure these gentleman get to fly back to Washington, D.C.

This money, this $3.2 million is going to what’s called the Carter House in Franklin.  It is a tourist destination that people come to from all over the nation.  It generates a lot of jobs for middle Tennessee.  This is one of those things that it increases tourism, it increases the economy, it creates jobs and it creates wealth.

I would submit something that’s noble but should be handled by the volunteers and the individuals of the state to send our veterans to Washington.

It is our job to spend money to help grow the economy, create jobs and create wealth.

According to the state’s website on the Carter House State Historic Site, “the house and grounds are managed and operated for the State by the Battle of Franklin Trust.”  The Battle of Franklin Trust website shows that it charges for tours at $18 per adult and $8 for children aged 6 to 15 and it’s “support” page shows six additional ways to give in addition to the gift store.

Both Chairman Sargent and Leader Casada live in Williamson County.

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4 Thoughts to “House Finance Chair Charles Sargent Strips Amendment For Vets, Reverting to Pork Project”

  1. Rob Moreland, Proud Board Member

    Honor Flight of Middle Tennessee is a private , non profit corporation registered with the IRS as a 501 c 3 and the Tennessee Secretary of State. We raise our funds from individuals, foundations, and corporations who wish to help us take veterans to DC to see their memorials and a Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. We did not depend on any taxpayer funds to complete our 16 previous flights and our upcoming 17th flight. We have taken over 600 terminally ill, WWII, Korean and Vietnam (min 70% disability due to Agent Orange) veterans to DC and will continue to do so as long as we can raise the funds required. All Board Members are volunteers and have never accepted (or asked for!) any compensation.

  2. Lawrence Montour

    As a war vet and currently still serving in the Tennessee National Guard I will not vote for either Sargent or Casada again. I’m a resident of Williamson county, one of the richest counties in the country and could afford to do any renovations needed at Carter house. With the high taxes I pay in this county I know the county could afford it.

  3. Andrew Burstein

    Rep. Matlock is an honorable man, who loves our veterans. Charles Sargent is a politician. We need more Matlocks in the legislature.

    1. Ed Blanton

      Honorable? If Matlock was so honorable why did he not make a hunger request earlier in the year for the Veterans? This and M. Hill late amendments were political grandstanding at its finest. They were trying to hang other republicans on “bad” votes. They certainly were not committed to their amendments either since they gave them up for the 55 million going back to their counties. This will give them something to brag on next primary. They are going to need something because the primaries are not going to be pleasant for these honorable gentlemen.