Judge Approves Grand Jury Members in Georgia Election Case to Talk About Testimony

by Joseph Weber


The judge overseeing the case alleging former President Trump and his allies pushed to overturn the 2020 election results in the state says members of the grand jury involved in the matter “can talk about the final report” – following the jury forewoman’s eyebrow-raising media tour.

However, Judge Robert C. McBurney acknowledge that if jurors start to “synthesize the testimony” and the group’s thoughts on on their deliberations the matter can get “problematic.”

The special grand jury in the state’s Fulton County was empaneled to consider whether indictments should be filed in the case being investigated by county District Attorney Fanni Willis.

The jury was essentially investigative and does not have the authority to bring indictments. The decision ultimately rests with another grand jury, should Fulton pursue a case, according to ABC News.

The special grand jury submitted its report in January, which was followed by forewoman Emily Kohrs giving several TV interviews last week in which she confirmed the panel had recommended indictments against multiple people.

Burns said after the jury submitted its report, he reminded members of their oath, saying it’s “a statutory obligation that they not discuss with anyone outside their group their deliberations.”

“I explained you don’t talk about what the group discussed about the witnesses’ testimony, but you can talk about witness testimony,” he said, ABC News also reports. “You can talk about the final report because that is the product of your deliberations, but it’s not your deliberations.”

However, Trump’s defense lawyers argue Kohrs’ comment have nevertheless “compromised” the process said and “if any indictments were to come down, those are faulty indictments.”

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Joseph Weber comes to JusttheNews after covering national politics for Fox News since 2011.
Photo “Judge Robert C. McBurney” by Superior Court of Fulton County. Background Photo “Election Day” by Phil Roeder. CC BY 2.0.




Reprinted with permission from Just the News

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