Metro Nashville Police Forced To School People In The Obvious: Don’t Leave Your Keys In Your Car

Tennessee Star


It seems like it should go without saying.

But Metro Nashville police find themselves having to remind people to remove their keys from their cars when they park.

A review of stolen vehicle reports in Nashville from March 26 through April 1 showed that 39 of 49, or 80 percent, of vehicles taken were easy targets because the keys were left or made available to thieves, according to a MNPD news release. Even more shocking: 17 of the 49 vehicles stolen were left running without the driver present.

The problem is nothing new, especially at convenience stores. In 2000, the MNPD launched a program called Park Smart! and began putting up signs at convenience markets to remind people of the obvious.

And they still need reminding.

The recent news release said that the police department “strongly urges citizens to lock their automobile doors, secure any valuables and REMOVE THE KEYS.”




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