More Than 900 Metro Nashville Teachers Stage Second Consecutive Sick Out Day to Protest Three Percent Raise


Hundreds of Metro Nashville teachers on Monday called out sick for the second day in a row to protest the size of their promised pay increase.

WKRN reported that at least 906 teachers were absent Monday. A Metro Nashville Public Schools official told the station that reasons included personal and family illness, professional and personal leave and bereavement.

The totals included 86 teachers from McGavock High School, WKRN said.

On Friday, a total of 1,093 teachers and over 400 staff members from at least 18 schools were reported to have called out, The Tennessee Star reported. A total of 125 of McGavock’s 141 teachers stayed home Friday.

The Nashville Scene reported that Friday’s sick out estimate has since been revised down to 960 teachers and 400 staff.

Metro Nashville Mayor David Briley is proposing a 3 percent raise for educators, but that is not setting well with them. Educators, along with the school board, are demanding a 10 percent increase.

Monday’s sick out forced the 9th grade college field trip at Hillsboro High School to be canceled. NewsChannel 5 said.

One Twitter account that has been involved in the sick outs indicated that educators would return to their classrooms today.

On Monday, the “Teachers Are Sick” account tweeted this:

Tomorrow, sick teachers are taking the next step in this movement by returning to classrooms to continue supporting our students and families. We will keep pushing for fully funded public education by communicating with our elected representatives, canvasing the community, and supporting the school board’s recommended budget proposal.

We will continue the fight for fully funded public education in Nashville, which has been our primary cause. We will continue the fight for quality schools and teachers for our students. We will continue the fight for a thriving and equitable community.

The Twitter account does not say who runs it.

Education Week reports that teachers across Oregon plan to strike on Wednesday, with at least 24 districts planning to close for part of or all day to handle the absences. Teachers in Sacramento are planning a strike on May 22.

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6 Thoughts to “More Than 900 Metro Nashville Teachers Stage Second Consecutive Sick Out Day to Protest Three Percent Raise”


    That amazing all of these 900 teachers called in “SICK” and are suddenly cured and back to work today (Tuesday 5/8). The District should be demanding a return to work notice from their doctor, if the can’t provide one, then they need to be written up contract violation and be subject to termination if the system needs to cut funds. They set a bad example by Striking against our Children and detracting from their education.

  2. Cannoneer2

    You have a group of folks ticked off about low pay in this case, not a cooked up leftist agenda. They may be involved but thats not what is driving this.

  3. Angelito

    Glad these leftist “teachers” are committed to their profession. I am surprised they are not blaming Trump.

    1. Cannoneer2

      How do you get Leftist out of this?

      1. Spend 5 minutes on the internets space machine and look up “RedForEd” You may learn about its origins out of AZ, and spreading like a cancer throughout the country.

        THAT is how you “get leftist out of this.”

        1. LEB

          Andy Spears Strong Schools leader could be a leader in this walk out. He spends a lot of time at our capitol in Nashville.