Nashville Mayor John Cooper and Metro Nashville Department of Transportation Release Draft for ‘Vision Zero Action Plan’

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Nashville Mayor John Cooper and the Nashville Metro Department of Transportation and Multimodal Infrastructure (NDOT) announced they have finished the first draft of the ‘Vision Zero Action Plan.’ The plan aims to “achieve a goal of zero preventable roadway deaths” by keeping pedestrians, bikers, and motorists safe on Nashville streets.

“A great city is a walkable city and a bike-friendly city. That means – in a city that works for everyone – we must shape our transportation strategies and infrastructure around the safety and well-being of every person,” Cooper tweeted about the plan.

The joint statement said that the Vision Zero Action Plan identifies “a High Injury Network of Nashville’s most dangerous roads and intersections,” as well as set of specific recommendations for near-term implementation. NDOT department will be asking for feedback from the community members over the upcoming six weeks before the plan is to be finalized in February of 2022.

The statement notes that 648 people had been killed in traffic accidents in Nashville since 2014, and asserted that nearly all – 90 percent – of “high injury intersections” are located in areas where underserved Nashville residents – defined as those in poverty and/or without vehicles – live and work.

“A person walking near a bus stop in a highly vulnerable area is 8 times more likely to be killed or severely injured,” the statement said.

The announcement stated the plan will focus on five main themes:

  • Create Safe Streets for Everyone
  • Promote a Culture of Safety
  • Increase Collaboration & Transparency
  • Improve Data Quality
  • Prioritize Equity

The Plan was “developed and shaped” by 11 members of the Metro Nashville staff members together with 31 members of a Vision Zero Task Force. Task force members include Metro Nashville City Councilmembers, as well as staffers from the Tennessee Department of Transportation, WeGo Transit, Together for Safer Roads, Vanderbilt University, Conexión Américas, Walk Bike Nashville, among others.

Walk Bike Nashville is a local organization focused on building a more walkable, bikeable, and liveable Nashville.

Lindsey Ganson, Director of Advocacy and Communications for Walk Bike Nashville, said, “Some neighborhoods bear an unequal share of traffic deaths and injuries. The Vision Zero Action Plan provides a clear road map for Nashville’s priorities to save lives and prevent injuries.”

Granson said that the city doesn’t have to re-design every street, but that it needs to “urgently fix the streets and intersections we know are dangerous.”

The Vision Zero Action Plan also “includes 11 key recommendations for short-term implementation related to analyzing fatal crashes for preventative measures, developing policies and education campaigns, identifying specific safety projects, designing safer infrastructure and more.”

On the Plan’s “thank you” page, a consultant team of four organizations are also listed: Alta, Fairepoint Planning, Culture Shift Team, and Vision Zero Network, for which the Plan appears to be named.

The Vizion Zero Network is a global organization that began in Sweden during the mid 1990s. Their stated goal is to prevent traffic-related deaths utilizing research to create a safer mobility environment. The Network discloses that they are a “fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives,” a taxpayer funded 501 (c)(3).

The Vision Zero Action Plan is open for review and comment until early February. Residents may share their ideas about the plan via email to [email protected].

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Morgan Nicole Veysey is a reporter for The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow her on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]
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One Thought to “Nashville Mayor John Cooper and Metro Nashville Department of Transportation Release Draft for ‘Vision Zero Action Plan’”

  1. 83ragtop50

    Can we put Cooper in jail when his wildly stupid plan results in a death?

    We all want people to be safe. He could start with putting more cops on the street to help stop the killings, muggings and auto thefts.

    What an idiot. But that is no secret.