Parents In Kentucky School District Upset With School Officials Over Student Violence

Parents in Bardstown, Kentucky are complaining that the Nelson County School Board is not doing enough to address violent student behavior.

More than 100 parents and faculty members turned out for a school board meeting May 16 to voice concerns, according to WDRB Louisville 41 News.

On May 15, police were called to Old Kentucky Home Middle School after a student slammed a female teacher up against lockers. It was the latest in a string of incidents across the district. Past incidents include fights on campus and trays thrown during lunch

Teachers don’t have the support they need to handle disruptions, said parent Angela Williams.

Former teachers who spoke at the school board meeting echoed Williams’ complaint.

“I have been threatened,” former substitute teacher John Peterson told the board. “One kid told me ‘If I had a car, I would run over your a**.’ ”

“We need new leadership, people,” Peterson said.  “You need to wake up!”

Superintendent Anthony Orr acknowledged the problems and said administrators are working on solutions but said “none of those things work like a magic wand.”

Parent Matt Reynolds has started a petition to ask the school board not to renew Orr’s contract, according to the Nelson County Gazette. Reynolds said he had gathered 205 signatures online and another 68 on paper.

“I also have countless numbers of teachers who have approached me but are afraid to openly support this due to retaliation from Mr. Orr and his team,” Reynolds told the board.

Larry Adamson told the board he was let go from his job as an instructional assistant at Horizon Academy after he called the Kentucky State Police because of a recent incident that happened to him at the school. He said he called the state police because he was unable to get help from other agencies.

“Why are we not allowed to call the police?” he asked the board. “Why — when the school is vandalized and the kids abuse us — you say ‘we’re not going to prosecute?’ ”

At Nelson County High School, a student allegedly punched a female assistant principal on April 21, kicked her and threw her up against the wall, according to The Kentucky Standard. The incident happened after the student was told to go to the office and refused to do so. The assistant principal was trying to escort the student to the office when the student became violent.

The student was charged with assault but with the help of a lawyer was able to quickly return to school.

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