Proposed Georgia Legislation Would Lessen Licensing Requirements, Proponents Say

by T.A. DeFeo


Proponents say a pair of proposed bills would cut down on the red tape facing providers of services that require occupational licenses.

House Bill 155 would provide a pathway for the spouses of firefighters, health care providers and law enforcement officers who move to Georgia to immediately secure an occupational license if they hold a license in their previous state of residence and are in good standing.

“You can’t get much more common-sense oriented than HB155,” Buzz Brockway, vice president of public policy for the Georgia Center for Opportunity, said in a statement.

Brockway said that workers in these fields must navigate a lengthy process to meet the state’s licensing requirements when moving to Georgia.

“By providing these licenses immediately, these new Georgia residents will be able to quickly get a job,” Brockway added. “That’s good for their families and good for the Georgia economy. Bottom line, HB155 is good public policy.”

Meanwhile, House Bill 212, the “Niche-Beauty Services Opportunity Act,” would reduce the requirements for those offering “niche beauty services,” including make-up artistry, eyebrow threading and blow-dry styling. It would distinguish between those providing “niche” services and similar offerings requiring licenses, such as cosmetologists and barbers.

“Today in Georgia, beauty services such as make-up application and blow dry styling require a beauty license and thousands of dollars of cosmetology school classes,” Americans for Prosperity – Georgia Deputy State Director Tony West said in a statement. “Those are significant barriers to aspiring beauty entrepreneurs looking to launch their own small business.”

West added that the measure “would break down that regulatory red tape for Georgia’s talented beauticians.”

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T.A. DeFeo is a contributor to The Center Square.
Photo “Waitress” by Andrea Piacquadio.


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