Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Blasts Biden Administration’s ‘War on American Energy’

U.S. Representative Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN-03) blasted the Biden administration’s “war on American energy” on Wednesday.

Fleischmann said in a tweet, “High gas prices are a policy choice of this Administration and one-party Congress. It’s time to end the war on American energy.”

“Another day, another new record for gas prices. If we continue on the same path, gas could hit $5 or $6+ a gallon. We can lower fuel costs. Increase domestic drilling, allow leases in Alaska and the Gulf, restart Keystone XL, and remove regulations,” he said in another.

The U.S. representative wasn’t done because after those tweets, he addressed the inflation crisis, which goes hand in hand with the Biden energy crisis.

“Inflation began skyrocketing after D.C. Democrats passed their bloated $1.9 trillion spending spree in early 2021. Inflation isn’t transitory or caused by a ‘Putin Price Hike’ but is the predictable outcome of one-party government in Congress and the White House,” he said.

The Tennessee Star previously reported that the Biden administration is blaming Russia’s war on Ukraine for the rising energy costs but has neglected to address domestic energy policy concerns.

According to the Gas Misery Index, as of May 27, Tennesseans are paying an additional $833 per year on gas and Americans nationwide are spending an additional $819 a year.

A diagram on Gas Buddy shows that nationwide average gas prices per gallon continue to set 10-year record highs as do the averages in Tennessee.

On Tuesday, U.S. Representative Mark Green (R-TN-07) blasted the Biden administration’s handling of the energy crisis, which includes the depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to save face politically is completely reckless (and won’t ease gas prices),” said Green in a tweet.

The U.S. House Republican Caucus said on the same day, “President Biden has continued to recklessly deplete the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is meant for war or major weather events, for his political benefit. Now, the SPR is at its lowest point since 1987.”

The Biden administration has pledged “to release one million barrels of crude oil a day for six months.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 90 million barrels of oil “will be released between May and August through two notices of sale totaling 70 million barrels and 20 million barrels from ongoing emergency sales. DOE has been executing on this announcement releasing oil from the Reserve at approximately that rate over the last several weeks.”

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Aaron Gulbransen is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]. Follow Aaron on GETTRTwitter, and Parler.



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2 Thoughts to “Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Blasts Biden Administration’s ‘War on American Energy’”

  1. Aries9899

    So Chuck is now concerned about inflation/energy/gas? Was he concerned before or after he’s continually voted to spend money which the US doesn’t have on Ukraine. He and his cohorts of Green and Kustoff do nothing but utter hollow words. They are no better than Democrats. Now the Regime wants to spend ANOTHER $700 million on Ukraine? How much does that add up to now Chuck? Must be close to $60 to $70 billion for a country whose annual economy is that size. Wow,, but you guys are making a lot of oligarchs , NGO’s and defense contractors happy. What a worthless trio you are.

  2. Stuart I. Anderson

    Chuck Fleischmann (Heritage-73%) is the most liberal Republican in the entire Tennessee Republican delegation we send to Washington. He is all that’s left of the old centrist/tepid conservative Republicans that used to represent Tennessee in the Capitol. Long past time for Chuck to go too.