Report: Democrat Groups Paid Ransoms to Hide Protester Funding

Tennessee Star

Over a dozen Democratic groups were approached with ransom demands by Russian hackers over protester funding information, according to a Monday report from Bloomberg. The liberal Center for American Progress was one of the groups that was approached by what FBI officials report is the same group behind the Democratic National Committee hacks committed last year.…

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5 Thoughts to “Report: Democrat Groups Paid Ransoms to Hide Protester Funding”

  1. […] of this leftist outrage is clearly staged, astroturfed and financed by political saboteurs. But much of the violent and oppressive behaviour by leftists is a result of emerging threats to […]

  2. […] Report: Democrat Groups Paid Ransoms to Hide Protester Funding – Tennessee Star […]

  3. […] Democrat groups paid ransom to hide the fact they were paying people to protest. Many of the Trump protesters during the runup to the November election and after were not spontaneous citizens airing their grievances but were paid professionals. Maybe that’s why so many of them wore masks, KKK style.  But the protesters weren’t the only ones who got paid…others who threatened to disclose these facts got paid $30,000 or up, to as much as $150,000 for their silence. Paid by whom? By Democrat groups who funded the protests, of course. […]

  4. John Fembup

    Extortion I could understand. Even blackmail. But “ransom”?

    Or by paying the “ransom” did the Democrats actually secure the release of some child kidnapped by the Russians?

    1. Kurt

      Yeah this was the opposite of ransom. You pay ransom to have somebody or something released. I don’t think they wanted this info released.