Speaker Harwell Says She ‘Cannot Recall a Bill from the Finance Subcommittee’

Tennessee Star


Tennessee State House Speaker Beth Harwell’s office contacted The Tennessee Star Tuesday morning in response to our story Monday about State Representative Jerry Sexton’s press conference.

In that press conference, Rep. Sexton (R-Bean Station) called on Speaker Harwell to send back the Gax Tax bill to the House Transportation Subcommittee.

“I saw the recent Tennessee Star article entitled “State Rep. Sexton Tells Speaker Harwell: ‘Hit The Restart Button’ On Gas Tax, Send It Back to Subcommittee ‘To Be Debated Fairly and Openly’” and wanted to clarify something,” Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Policy Kara Owen wrote.

Ms. Owen continued:

The Speaker of the House cannot recall a bill from the House Finance Subcommittee to the House Transportation Subcommittee, per our House rules. This takes a motion on the House floor by a member, and 66 votes (two thirds) for the motion to prevail.



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3 Thoughts to “Speaker Harwell Says She ‘Cannot Recall a Bill from the Finance Subcommittee’”

  1. Ruth Wilson

    So, Eric, are you saying she can do what Good Rep. Jerry Sexton has asked????
    For God & Country

    1. Betty Clouse

      No she is saying she will not now or ever they rammed it through and would not let anyone speak against the evil bill how corrupt is that per Haslam the nasty liar !! Who cares nothing about the poor people are soon the middle-class will be joining rest of the poor people!! The other Republicans and have them could care less!!!

  2. Eric

    Sounds like she has Hillary’s memory problems