State Senator Mark Green Praises Fellow Tennesseans At Wednesday’s Trump Rally in Nashville

Tennessee Star

State Senator Mark Green, fresh off news that President Trump is considering him for Secretary of the Army, was greeted with applause and cheers Wednesday as he spoke before Trump’s arrival at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Green, who prior to being considered for a post in the Trump administration had announced intentions to run for governor in 2018, complemented Tennesseans for being “hard-working people with common sense” who did the right thing by voting for Trump overwhelmingly in the 2016 presidential race.

“You just saved America,” he told the crowd.

Green (R-Clarksville) said that Tennesseans want accountable and limited government, legal immigration, fewer regulations and a military committed to winning on the battlefield – all things President Trump is fighting for.

Since Trump’s win, the stock market has reached historic highs and more people are going back to work, Green said, enthusiastically stating that “the Trump bump is real.”

Green also said that Tennesseans are ready to repeal Obamacare but, like Trump in his speech, did not offer specifics on what a new plan should look like. Fierce debate over healthcare is under way in Washington, D.C., with many things still unclear as to what degree free market principles will be allowed to blunt the monopolies created by government and insurance companies.



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