Tennessee Capitol to Continue Prohibiting Handguns

The Tennessee Capitol will continue to prohibit handguns despite a new policy at the new home for state lawmakers that will allow permit holders to have them, Gov. Bill Haslam said this week.

Haslam told reporters Monday he has no intention of proposing a change in policy at the Capitol, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press. He earlier had released a statement to that effect.

Haslam said he doesn’t want guns at the Capitol because of the numerous tour groups and school children it attracts.

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) and House Speaker Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) announced recently that permit holders will be allowed to carry firearms into the renovated Cordell Hull Building. Lawmakers are in the process of moving into their new offices and the building will open to the public next week.

Lawmakers had tried to get guns allowed at Legislative Plaza, which they are leaving for the Cordell Hull Building. But their attempts failed because of the Haslam administration’s concerns about logistics for security at Legislative Plaza and the desire for it to have the same policy as the Capitol. The legislature last year passed a law giving it oversight of its building, paving the way for a change at the Cordell Hull Building.

The new home for the state legislature will connect to the Capitol with a new underground tunnel, just as Legislative Plaza connected with the Capitol. Haslam said safety officials will have a plan to prevent permit holders going between the two buildings from bringing guns into the Capitol.

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One Thought to “Tennessee Capitol to Continue Prohibiting Handguns”

  1. Kevin B

    So while the Governor is surrounded by a citizen paid for personal protection detail 24/7, we citizens go defenseless while walking from our car to the State Capital, a building which we paid for, because when we get there we can’tcarry our guns inside.

    A classic response (“it’s for the children”) by a classic liberal! What Haslam is really saying is that he’s doesn’t support basic God-given rights for the everyday citizen. And that only the ruling elite are entitled to personal protection.

    Haslam is term limited out. We have two jobs ahead of us. Elect a true conservative replacement, Mae Beaver is the ONLY true conservative gubernatorial candidate. AND, in the future, we NEVER allow Haslam to hold any elected or appointed position!