Tennessee Democratic Congressmen React to Comey Firing

Tennessee Star


Here is reaction from the only two Democratic members of Tennessee’s congressional delegation to President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday. They made their comments in official press statements and on social media.

Rep. Jim Cooper, Democrat:

Rep. Steve Cohen, Democrat:

I have said to my colleagues and to the public for over four months that FBI Director James Comey would do the right thing in the Trump-Russia investigation. I also believed President Trump wouldn’t fire him unless he felt that Director Comey threatened his presidency. This is sadly reminiscent of the Saturday Night Massacre when President Nixon fired Justice Department officials that threatened his presidency. Two days ago, I tweeted that I hoped Director Comey would be next year’s recipient of the Profiles in Courage Award because of the Trump-Russia investigation, but President Trump has effectively vetoed that award. I call on Speaker Paul Ryan to immediately appoint a bipartisan, non-classified, public, and transparent commission to investigate the Trump-Russia relationship. Our democracy is in danger.

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