Tennessee Latino Group Endorses Trump’s Labor Pick

Latinos For Tennessee is supporting Alexander Acosta, President Trump’s new pick for labor secretary.

In a statement, Raul Lopez, executive director of the conservative group, said, “We are delighted to see President Trump nominate a highly distinguished and highly qualified Latino for his cabinet. The fact is that the last eight years have been underwhelming for the Latino community as far too many Latinos are struggling to find work and have not seen a pay increase in some time.”

Latinos For Tennessee, which has a presence in Nashville, Memphis and Chattanooga, promotes faith, family, freedom and fiscal responsibility.

Acosta, 48, is currently dean of the law school at Florida International University. Before joining the school in 2009, he was head prosecutor for the Southern District of Florida. A Miami native, he is a first-generation university graduate, having earned his undergraduate and law degrees at Harvard. He was a law clerk for Samuel Alito when Alito was a federal appeals court judge before being named to the Supreme Court.

Acosta has served as a member of the National Labor Relations Board and was the first Hispanic assistant attorney general. He is chairman of the largest domestically-owned Hispanic community bank in Florida, U.S. Century Bank.

President Trump nominated Acosta after Andrew Puzder withdrew from consideration after various troubling revelations emerged, including that his family had hired an illegal immigrant housekeeper.

Some Republicans have praised Acosta’s nomination, but others have criticized his past support for amnesty.

A number of labor unions have supported Acosta’s nomination, a surprising turn of events for a Republican nominee.


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