Tennessee Making Community College Free Using Lottery Funds

Tennesse Star

The governor of Tennessee looks to be channeling his inner Bernie Sanders by implementing a program that cannot possibly remain solvent in the long run. Gov. Bill Haslam (Rep.) is about to sign a bill into law that gives any adult who wants to go to college free admission to community colleges in his state of…

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One Thought to “Tennessee Making Community College Free Using Lottery Funds”

  1. Elliot Alderson

    You clearly lack any basic understanding of this legislation. As you rant “If you’re going to go through with this plan, why not invest in providing students with the opportunity to go to a trade school?” it is obvious you don’t know what community college. Additionally you clearly haven’t done any research beyond 140 character tweets. The TN Promise applies to community colleges and technical schools. Feel free to take a look at this list of eligible TN schools for the TN Promise (https://www.tn.gov/assets/entities/collegepays/attachments/TNPromiseEligibleInstitutions101315.pdf). Then please explore the offerings at those schools. You will find plenty of programs for actual careers and jobs and very few options for LGBT Alphabet Studies as you so eloquently put it.