Three Teens Arrested In Nashville For Robbing Cab Driver At Gunpoint

Three teens were arrested Friday morning after allegedly robbing a cab driver at gunpoint outside a Nashville apartment building.

The suspects fled after the incident on Glastonbury Road near I-40 and Briley Parkway. Police deployed spike strips on I-40 East near Old Hickory Boulevard to stop their vehicle. Jose Calderon-Auguilar, 17, Victor Hernandez, 15, and Francis Hernandez-Aguilar, 17, were taken into custody, according to a Metro Nashville Police Department news release.

Police found a sawed off-shotgun inside their vehicle. One of the teens had the cab driver’s keys. All three are charged in juvenile court with aggravated robbery.

The Tennessee Star was told that police do not release information about immigration status of individuals arrested.


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2 Thoughts to “Three Teens Arrested In Nashville For Robbing Cab Driver At Gunpoint”

  1. Dave Vance

    The White and Gardenhire DACA gang strikes!

  2. Wolf Woman

    And why don’t police release information about the immigration status? Are they afraid it will rile Nashvillians to know how many crimes are committed by illegal aliens and hispanic gangs?