Vice President Mike Pence Affirms Pro-Life Stance at Every Stage of Life

by John Lucke


Vice President Pence delivered remarks at the Administration for Children and Families’ 2019 National Adoption Month Celebration reinforcing that every child is deserving of a loving family of his or her own.

“And I truly believe that if you’re going to be pro-life, you need to be pro-adoption. And we are.” Vice President Pence actually shared an experience from the heart where he and his wife, Karen, were infertile for 5 years and entered the adoptive process.

He went on to cement the fact that The Trump Administration is committed to decreasing the number of children in foster care, and supporting families and parents that choose to adopt. “So know that this Administration will always defend the sanctity of human life at every stage and in every circumstance.”

Earlier, President Trump acknowledged that “Every child — born and unborn — is uniquely gifted by their Creator and endowed with both [the] potential and immeasurable value, and that, in this month, we, as Americans recognize the loving and devoted individuals who are part of God’s plan for every child by taking a role as a parent through adoption.”

Pence had positive statistics to cite, saying “I’m proud to report that this year – for the first time in 10 years – we’ve seen a decrease in the number of children in foster care. And last year, more children than ever were adopted from foster care… more than 63,000 children found their forever homes with the help and support of loving families all across the nation.”

The VP also recognized a family from Minnesota, a “picture of the American Dream: two successful parents; a passionate and philanthropic daughter; and a dedicated son, well on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. But they felt the need — they felt the call to foster a child for years. And after discovering how many older children age out of potential adoption, they decided to begin the journey towards adopting a teenager.”

Vice President Pence solidified the need for faith to be an integral part of the familial structure, saying that “The truth is, four out of five families have pointed to faith and church support as a factor in successful fostering. And countless families rely on their faith communities as they adopt and incorporate children into their lives.”

He finally ended with “one more promise: Child welfare providers will never be forced to choose between their faith and serving those in need — not on our watch.”





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