Visit by President Trump Will Place Nashville at Forefront of National Debate Over Agenda

Tennessee Star

President Trump’s rally in Nashville next Wednesday, March 15 places Middle Tennessee at the forefront of the national debate over the president’s agenda.

The event will be held at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Tickets can be obtained here.

The doors will open at 3:30 pm, and the event is scheduled to start at 6:30 pm.

Trump’s visit to the Music City comes eleven days after the highly successful pro-Trump Spirit of America rally held at Legislative Plaza on March 4.

By all indications, the Nashville rally was the largest of the several dozen similar rallies held across the country that day.

The event comes as a number of elements of President Trump’s political agenda are front and center in the national debate.

On the following day, March 16, President Trump’s revised executive order, which temporarily bans travel from six Middle Eastern countries and also temporarily halts the admission of refugees into the United States, becomes effective. Several states, including Hawaii, have said they intend to file legal challenges against the revised executive order.

Last week, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives, including Speaker Paul Ryan, announced a bill they say is designed to repeal and replace Obamacare, one of the key promises made by President Trump in his campaign.

So far, a number of highly respected conservative organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, have criticized the Ryan bill as insufficiently free market.

On Thursday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) announced that the Ryan bill should be dropped and that Republicans should start over in the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

President Trump has publicly supported the Ryan bill, but some Washington pundits see that as the veteran real estate deal maker’s opening bid as he starts the political process to honor his campaign promise.

Nashville appears poised to give Trump a warm welcome when he arrives in town next week.

Mark A. Skoda, organizer of the Tennessee Spirit of America Rally, stated, “We are so excited to see President Trump joining us in Nashville next week. On the back of our tremendously successful Nashville rally, we are looking forward to joining him and in executing his broad agenda. Without a doubt, Tennesseans are proud to support this president and his promise to make America great again!”

“It is clear that President Trump is engaged directly with the people and his supporters,” Skoda added.

“He understands our hopes and desires for his administration and we will not allow naysayers to stand in the way of implementing his agenda,” he continued, adding:

We will be there to make our voices heard, enjoy the President’s comments and carry on supporting his efforts in our state.” Skoda went on to say, “The Congress has had eight years to plan for a Republican executive and they must begin to execute on his promises. The people will hold them accountable and will not tolerate the dallying we are seeing in the first few weeks of this administration.

Not everyone in the Music City is expected to respond so positively to President Trump’s arrival, however.

At the March 4 rally, about twenty protesters gathered outside the steps of Legislative Plaza and shouted at the 2,000 who rallied in support of the president.

The March 15 rally will be held inside the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, which has an estimated capacity of about 5,000.

Tickets for the afternoon rally have been snapped up, and the event is likely to be held in a full stadium.

With more advance notice and the expectation of a huge presence inside, local far left organizers can be expected to bring more than twenty to protest outside the event.

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