Wisconsin Republicans Issue Subpoenas for Election Materials

Representative Janel Brandtjen


Wisconsin State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls) on Friday issued subpoenas for a host of election materials, including all ballots and voting machines in two Wisconsin counties.

Brandtjen called the efforts a “top-to-bottom investigation of the 2020 Presidential General Election,” after the probe was initiated by Assembly Resolution 15.

“As the Chair of the Assembly Committee of Campaigns and Elections, I am issuing these subpoenas as the first step towards a full, cyber-forensic audit of tabulators and inspection of the physical ballots from the November 2020 fall election,” Brandtjen said in a statement.

In the statement, Brandtjen highlighted calls from concerned constituents and residents of the state as one of the reasons for the in-depth examination.

“Legislators have been hearing from thousands of disgruntled constituents regarding their concerns with the November 2020 election. From outside money pouring into Democrat controlled communities, to individuals engaging in questionable activities; from improper guidance given to clerks from the Wisconsin Elections Commission, to clerks illegally prompting voters to declare themselves “indefinitely confined.”‘ she continued.

Earlier this year, the state lawmaker pledged to conduct a full forensic audit of ballots cast in the state’s November 2020 election.

The move is similar to the forensic audit transpiring in Maricopa County, Arizona. Arizona state lawmakers ordered the audit of approximately 2.1 million ballots cast in the state’s population center.

Brandtjen and other Wisconsin Republicans traveled to Arizona in June to review the process and understand the complete procedures.

Further, Brandtjen argued that the forensic audit is different from the audit by the Legislative Audit Bureau that is currently happening.

“I sincerely welcome and applaud these efforts, however, the people of Wisconsin demand and deserve a transparent, full, cyber-forensic audit as described in the subpoenas submitted to both Milwaukee and Brown Counties. The clock is ticking as the 2022 elections will commence in just a matter of months,” she explained.

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