Ben Cunningham and Michael Patrick Leahy Praise The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025

Kevin Roberts

Ben Cunningham, founder of the Nashville Tea Party, and Michael Patrick Leahy, CEO and editor-in-chief of The Tennessee Star, praised the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 which is a conservative playbook with the goal to “take back” America’s government by “paving the way for an effective conservative administration” beginning in January 2025.

Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, recently appeared on the network MSNBC to discuss Project 2025.

Afterward, a guest on MSNBC said Robert and the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 plan of “dismantling the administrative state” would turn the U.S. into an “autocracy.”

“It’s a recipe for mass chaos, mass hardship…the real project is to destroy the governance apparatus and the civil servants of liberal democracy and create the structures and the personnel that will support autocracy,” the MSNBC guest said.

Roberts responded to the MSNBC guest’s comments about Project 2025 on Steve Bannon’s War Room, saying the initiative “transcends Republican and Democrat.”

“It actually is exceedingly constitutional and probably what I should have asked MSNBC is: For a network that purports to save democracy, why would you be opposed to a project whose main aim is to restore this constitutional republic? The answer ultimately…is that they simply can’t handle the truth that for the first time in the history of the conservative movement in this country, we’re as organized as they are. We are as prepared as they have always been to take the reins of power and use it appropriately for everyday Americans,” Roberts said.

On Monday’s episode of The Michael Patrick Leahy Show, Cunningham and Leahy applauded Project 2025 and Roberts’ effort to defend the initiative.

“[Roberts] is so compelling,” Leahy said. “What I like about him is that he goes into MSNBC, he goes into the belly of the beast, and he just calmly destroys their arguments. That is beyond spectacular.”

Cunningham agreed, saying, “That’s the reason NBC is the way it is because nobody goes on there and challenges them and they just get more and more outrageous.”

“Joy Reed says more and more crazy stuff and they’re never challenged. It’s just so refreshing. and extraordinary to see somebody willing to go in there because they know what’s going to meet them there,” Cunningham added.

In regards to Project 2025’s goal of dismantling the administrative state, Cunningham applauded the effort, noting, “Government is out of control in so many ways.”

“Project 2025 is a great project. Basically, ready to implement conservative principles, following the mandate of the voters when Trump gets back in there. I think it’s a wonderful thing. Government is out of control in so many ways. I saw today that interest payments now exceed defense spending for the first time. We’ve got to get this monster under control, and one of the ways is to at least reduce the administrative state to some extent,” Cunningham said.

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