Kevin and Laura Baigert Join The Tennessee Star as Political Contributors and ‘Grassroots Pundits’

Kevin Baigert, Laura Baigert, and former State Rep. Joe Carr

Veteran grassroots activists Kevin and Laura Baigert are joining The Tennessee Star as political contributors and “grassroots pundits.”

The Baigerts worked together at the 3M Company in Connecticut for a combined 37 years.

When they retired in 2012, they were drawn to Tennessee by the wonderful people and the cost of living, and they quickly became two of the most well-respected and reliable conservative grassroots activists in the state.

The team of two handled operations and logistics for the BEAT LAMAR project in 2013 and 2014, in 2015 co-founded Sumner Taxpayers Alliance with well-known activist Ben Cunningham, in 2016 handled the merchandising for WWTN radio host Ralph Bristol’s The 2nd Amendment is Homeland Security Tour, and have added “critical mass” to numerous conservative causes under the moniker “Roving Patriots.”



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