One Year After Marsha Blackburn Won by Double Digits, A Reminder of How Bad the Polls Were

  The Tennessee Star made you a promise about U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) last year — and we’re keeping it. Although the various political science departments, polling companies and pundits won’t remind you of their consistently flawed polling processes, questionable data and woefully inaccurate assessments during the next election…

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A Vote For Bredesen is a Vote for Obstructionists Like Schumer, TN GOP Says

Phil Bredesen, Chuck Schumer

The Tennessee Republican Party has released a new ad, highlighting Phil Bredesen’s support for the most ardent Democratic obstructionists in the Senate. The ad will run on digital platforms statewide and is available here. “While Phil Bredesen claims he wants to end ‘partisan squabbling’ in Washington, the fact is that…

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Mackler Withdraws from Senate Race to Clear Democratic Field For Bredesen, Launches Anti-Blackburn PAC

Democrat James Mackler announced on Thursday that he is withdrawing from the race to replace retiring Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), a move that clears the Democratic field for front-runner, 74-year-old former Gov. Phil Bredesen. Mackler also launched a political action committee called “Believe in Service” to “continue holding anti-service extremists like…

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