AAA Says Gas Prices in Florida Will Continue to Rise Through Winter Months

Gas up the car

In a recent report from AAA auto club, it suggests that gas prices in Florida will continue to increase into the winter months as a result of global supply concerns over crude-oil and gasoline.

According to AAA, as of Monday, the average price per gallon of unleaded gas in Florida is $3.18 and is expected to increase to $3.20 before they expect for it to go back down. The national average gas price is $3.33.

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Tennessee Gas Prices Near Lowest in Nation, Still on the Rise

Though Tennessee ranks tenth-cheapest in gas prices among all 50 states, prices for a barrel of unleaded fuel are still on the rise, and Tennesseans can expect that trend to continue. 

“AAA’s Tennessee Gas Price average is now $2.88 which is the same as one month ago and nearly 95 cents more than one year ago,” according to a WSMV report. 

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Gas Prices in Florida Expected to Decrease Heading into Memorial Day Weekend

Person pumping gas into vehicle

Heading into Memorial Day weekend, Floridians can expect for gas prices to decrease for the first time in over three weeks after the attack on the Colonial Pipeline.

While the majority of the state receives gas from the multiple ports on Florida’s coast, the disruption of the pipeline caused widespread panic-buying among the parts of the state that do use it, which in turn caused gas prices to increase as demand was high and there was limited supply.

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