Republican Gubernatorial Hopeful Jensen Calls for Family Leave Program, Lowering Adoption Costs in New Proposal

As the issue of abortion remains a hot topic throughout the midterm campaign season, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen has released a comprehensive plan on how he would support Minnesota women and children.

“You and I are both pro-life, but I think there’s some misconceptions out there about what that actually means. It means a lot more than just not liking abortion and it’s not about jamming legislation down people’s throats,” Matt Birk, Jensen’s running mate, said in a video discussing the plan.

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Rick Morton of Lifeline Children’s Services Talks Calling to Adopt Children and Human Cost of Ukraine Conflict

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The Tennessee Star spoke with the Vice President of Engagement for Lifeline Children’s Services, Rick Morton, at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference about his family’s adoption of children from Ukraine and how the current situation is affecting children in that nation.

Rick and his wife Denise have been married for over 26 years, and they have 3 children, all of whom became part of their family through international adoption.

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President of Lifeline Children’s Services Herbie Newell Talks Importance of Adoption and Helping Women in the Pro-Life Movement

President and Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services Herbie Newell spoke with The Tennessee Star on Thursday about his call to serve in the pro-life movement and his goals for the organization.

Lifeline Children’s Services is a pro-life Christian organization that counsels pregnant women and promotes and facilitates adoptions around the United States and the world.

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Gov. Ducey Signs 12 Bills, Including Banning Unions from Politicking on the Taxpayers’ Dime, and Stopping Religious Discrimination in Adoptions

As the 2022 Arizona Legislative season winds down, Gov. Doug Ducey is signing a slew of bills. On Wednesday, he signed 12, including the Goldwater Institute’s Release Time Reform Act and a bill protecting religious freedom in adoptions and foster care.

The Goldwater Institute (GI) drafted SB 1166, which was sponsored by State Sen. Vincent Leach (R-Tucson), to address the problem where public employees at the local, state, and federal level are “released” from their government responsibilities and instead are assigned to work for a private union — all while receiving full government pay, benefits, and retirement. 

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Ohio Woman Pleads Guilty to Charges Related to Fraudulent Adoption Scheme

kid walking on beach to mother

An Ohio woman pleaded guilty to charges related to her role in a fraudulent adoption scheme, according to a release from the Department of Justice.

According to the original indictment, Margaret Cole, a 74-year-old woman, ran an international adoption agency based in Strongsville, Ohio.

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Tennessee State Senator Ferrell Haile Discusses One of His Top Three Priorities Citing Progress in Safe Baby Courts

Wednesday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed Tennessee State Senator Ferrell Haile to the newsmakers line to talk about his three top priorities as Senator which are children, families, and education in addition to the progress he’s made in the safe baby court.

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Virginia House Passes Repeal of Adoption Conscience Clause

The House of Delegates approved Delegate Mark Levine’s (D-Arlington) HB 1932 on Wednesday in a 53 to 43 vote. The bill would remove the child-placement conscience clause which protects child-placement agencies from being forced to place children where it would violate the agency’s moral or religious convictions. Supporters of the bill say it ends discrimination currently protected by the Commonwealth, but Catholic adoption agencies and Republican legislators warn that removing the protection could effectively eliminate thousands of potential homes for children in foster care and adoption programs. The bill is now in committee in the Senate.

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Tennessee Republicans Fight To Protect Faith-Based Adoption Agencies From Discrimination

Republicans continue to shepherd legislation through the Tennessee General Assembly to protect faith-based child placement agencies against discrimination for exercising their religious liberties provided by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment. State Rep. Tim Rudd (R-TN-34) and Sen. Mark Pody (R-TN-17) are the sponsors. The bills are HB 836 and SB…

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Promoting Adoption, Trump Affirms Human Life for ‘Born and Unborn’

by Fred Lucas   President Donald Trump called Thursday for helping children in need—both born and unborn—by supporting adoption. “Adoption affirms the inherent value of human life and signals that every child—born or unborn—is wanted and loved,” Trump said in a statement, released Wednesday by the White House, proclaiming November…

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