Virginia Gubernatorial Roundup: Policy Plans and Public Appearances

GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin rolled out a plan to combat human trafficking in Virginia. Youngkin’s plan calls for ramped up enforcement, survivor resources, and expanded education about human trafficking.

“When I am governor, we will not only bring the full weight of the law down on traffickers and buyers, we will also equip survivors to heal and flourish,” Youngkin said in a Thursday night stop in Falls Church.

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Legislation Proposes Mandating Price Transparency for Tennessee Healthcare Services

Legislators are proposing to make the prices for healthcare services and treatments available to patients up front. The legislation would require certain healthcare facilities and providers to post a list of all services provided with their cost. It would also mandate that any payments made in full within 30 days of services rendered be accepted if they match the listing price at the time of care. 

The bill would regulate healthcare providers under title 63, except for veterinarians and occupational and physical therapists. State Representative Jason Hodges (D-Clarksville) first filed this bill last week. Freshman State Senator Sara Kyle (D-Memphis) filed the companion bill on Monday.

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