Albemarle County in Virginia Bans Guns on County Property

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Wednesday to adopt a ban on firearms on county property, including buildings and parks. It does include an exception for carrying firearms secured in a container inside a private vehicle, but the board chose not to extend that to boats or allow concealed carry in parks. The Board previously considered the ordinance in July, but postponed a decision amid questions of how to handle concealed carry and firearms in vehicles.

Supervisor Diantha McKeel expressed concern about the proliferation of firearms. She said, “I am supportive of what we’re doing. I think it brings safety to our community. But we have compromised, I believe, made some good compromises for those members of our community who carry guns for whatever reason legally and want the ability to leave them in their vehicles.”

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Albemarle County, Virginia Considers Gun Ban on County Property

After lengthy discussion, public hearing, and a pro-gun protest outside the Albemarle County Office Building, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (BOS) decided to postpone a decision on a gun ban on county property. In the board’s virtual meeting Wednesday, many public speakers spoke against the proposed ordinance, while others argued for a gun ban. But the supervisors seemed to take a more nuanced approach, discussion exemptions for concealed handgun permit holders and trying to make sure people wouldn’t accidentally violate the law.

Vice Chair Donna Price said, “One of the interesting things when you talk about weapons/guns: on either extreme there are people who believe there should be no regulations or total regulation, and both parties argue that if you don’t follow their belief, that there will either be anarchy or tyranny. And I tend not to believe either of those to be likely.”

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Talk Show Host Rob Schilling Suing Albemarle County Elections Officials over Mask Kerfuffle

The Schilling Show

Conservative talk show host Rob Schilling is suing Albemarle County elections officials in a federal lawsuit. Schilling alleges that due to a dispute over masks, officials violated his right to vote and assaulted him when he voted in the June Democratic primary. Schilling’s lawsuit states that the mask mandate had already been mostly rescinded and that he had confirmed in advance that no mask was needed.

“I showed up of course without a mask on because I don’t play that game,” Schilling said Tuesday on The John Fredericks Show.

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