Commentary: The Year in Unhinged Liberal Celebrities’ Freakouts

Despite the triumph of President Joe Biden’s inauguration, liberal celebrities didn’t get much happier in 2021.

It began with Donald Trump refusing to concede that he lost the presidential election. A year ago, one actor engaged in violent fantasies over this stubborn resistance to the facts. “Who arrests Trump if he refuses to concede? Who drags him out? Pepper spray? Cuffs?” That sounds like an action movie.

But then it turned threatening: “A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen? Does he wheeze ‘I can’t breathe'(?) Just whale away on him like a pinata? Rodney King style? The thug who has destroyed the country. What does he deserve?”

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John Harris of Tennessee Firearms Association Talks Common Sense Gun Safety in Wake of Baldwin Movie Set Death

Person holding a Glock handgun in palm of hand

Monday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed Tennessee Firearms Associations John Harris to the newsmakers line to discuss firearm safety in response to ‘Rust’ movie set death.

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