Senate Bill on Budget Includes Details on the Proposed Virginia Redistricting Commission

As part of the Senate’s bill for the biennial budget, one amendment offers details and more specifics on the proposed Virginia Redistricting Commission. 

Included in the budget amendment item 4-14 is eligibility criteria for citizen commission members, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and public participation in the redistricting process. 

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Speaker-Elect Glen Casada: It’s My Job To Find Conservatives And Let Them Lead

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Speaker-Elect Glen Casada says that as Speaker, his job is “to find the strong conservatives, put them in the right committee, and let them lead.”  Casada’s statement was made to a group of middle Tennessee activists in response to a question about the key things he wants…

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Nashville Fraternal Order of Police: Proposed Amendment One Not Constitutional

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Members of the Nashville Fraternal Order of the Police said Tuesday they have serious constitutional concerns about the proposed Amendment One. If voters approve it next month then city officials would create a community oversight board over the police. Former FOP President Robert Weaver spoke for the…

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