Commentary: Congress Should Deny Greedy Trial Lawyers’ Efforts to Diminish Arbitration

While the court litigation process has successfully resolved countless cases for decades, the reality is that it can cost an arm and a leg to do so. This has prompted disputing parties here in Middle Tennessee to instead turn to arbitration to assist them in working out reasonable agreements. This system has benefited all parties, saving countless workers and businesses both time and money.

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Commentary: Trial Lawyers’ Attacks on Arbitration Must Be Stopped

As a law enforcement officer in Knoxville for nearly 30 years, I have spoken with community members, businesses, and individuals who have utilized the arbitration system as a key platform to find agreements to their disputes. It has proven to be a speedy process and the most affordable legal option for working people.

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Proposal Would Let Connecticut Agencies Sue Employers and Bestow Proceeds on Unions

Michael Winkler

A bill in the Connecticut House of Representatives would allow the state to effectively nullify worker-employer agreements designed to prevent lawsuits and let state officials bestow some monetary awards on unions.

The legislation, sponsored by State Representative Michael Winkler (D-Vernon), would evade what it refers to as “forced arbitration agreements” and “allow employees to sue employers on behalf of the state after having waived their personal rights to sue.” 

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