Asian Carp Renamed ‘Copi’, Taxpayers Foot $600,000 Rebrand

Federal taxpayers spent $600,000 to rebrand the Asian carp, hoping that people will eat their way out of the potential – and some experts say inevitable – Asian Carp invasion into the Great Lakes. 

The federal Great Lakes Restoration fund paid for the five-year plan to rename Asian carp “Copi.”

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Tennessee Valley Authority Recommends Curtains of Bubbles to Mitigate Asian Carp

he Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) recommended in their final programmatic environmental assessment to install what’s called a bio-acoustic fish fence (BAFF) that includes sound signals, directional strobe lighting, and a bubble curtain in order to keep the invasive species of Asian carp from Tennessee rivers.

According to the assessment, the species “has the potential to threaten native ecosystems, rare and protected species, sports fisheries, and public safety, which can lead to reduced recreation, tourism, and property values; and ultimately impact local economies.”

The TVA notes in their detailed report that there are are four fish that fall into the Asian carp family; the bighead carp, the silver carp, the black carp, and the grass carp. The species was introduced to America in the 1960s and 1970s. The fish were imported to improve the water quality in fish farms, and after they were utilized for other aquaculture purposes were allowed to be released into the Mississippi River.

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Tennessee Valley Authority Approves Plan to Limit Asian Carp Invasion

Official photo of freshman Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee's 2nd district from the 116th Congress

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on Friday approved a plan to limit the spread of Asian carp in Tennessee’s waterways, releasing a final Environmental Assessment on the project.

According to the TVA’s recommendation, barriers need to be installed in seven dams along the Tennessee River.

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Seven Governors Ask Feds for Dam Funding to Stop Asian Carp

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the bipartisan Council of Great Lakes Governors asked federal leaders to fund the Brandon Road Lock and Dam in the 2022 Water Resources Reform and Development Act to prevent invasive Asian carp from entering Michigan’s water.

 “The Great Lakes are the beating heart of Michigan’s economy, and we are taking action to put Michigan first and protect the Great Lakes,” Whitmer said in a statement. “By funding the Brandon Road Lock and Dam, we can protect local economies and key, multi-billion-dollar industries that support tens of thousands of jobs including fishing and boating. I am proud that my fellow Great Lakes governors from both parties and I are coming together to continue uplifting our economies, build the Brandon Road Lock and Dam, and keep invasive carp out.”  

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Speaker-Elect Glen Casada Will Dive Into Solutions for Problem of Invasive Asian Carp In Tennessee Rivers

Speaker-Elect Glen Casada will convene an open forum this week to discuss the invasive Asian carp problem in Tennessee waters, according to a press release. The forum, scheduled for Thursday, December 20 at 12:45 p.m., will include several current and newly elected State Representatives who will attend the forum along…

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