Rittenhouse Jury Deliberations Heads to Day Three

Despite the fact that jurors have been deliberating for two days in the trial of accused killer Kyle Rittenhouse, Wednesday was still a contentious day inside the Kenosha County Courthouse. 

Twelve jurors, chosen at random by Rittenhouse himself, will continue to deliberate Thursday, their third day of working to decide the 18-year-old’s fate. 

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Rittenhouse Prosecutor Binger Described as ‘Evil,’ ‘Unethical’ After Cross Examination

Kenosha Assistant District Attorney and Prosecutor Thomas Binger, leading the state’s high-profile trial against Kyle Rittenhouse, was described as “evil” and accused of acting unethically and illegally by other attorneys watching the trial Wednesday. 

 Judge Bruce Schroeder stopped the trial twice Wednesday, sending the jury out of the courtroom, to admonish Binger. Twice, he became irate with the prosecutor for his cross-examination of Rittenhouse. 

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