On His Way Out, Bob Corker Reportedly Won’t Say Whether He Prefers a Democrat Over Trump in 2020

Outgoing Tennessee Republican U.S. Senator Bob Corker was quoted this week expressing concern about the path of the Republican Party. “We’ve got to remember what the Republican Party is,” Corker reportedly said on MSNBC. Corker also reportedly won’t say whether he prefers voters elect a Democrat over Trump in 2020. Writing for The Washington Post, Phillip Wegmann said Corker longs for “what the Republican Party used to be.” “And it’s worth asking what it was before President Trump and before the Tea Party,” Wegmann wrote. “Perhaps Corker yearns for the simpler time of his predecessors such as Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn. Before coming to Congress, Corker watched Frist wheel and deal in the halls of Congress. Corker later watched Frist lobby for Obamacare in retirement and make a fortune from his stock options in the Hospital Corporation of America in the process.” Wegmann wrote Corker possibly misses the days of Majority Leader Eric Cantor and former Speaker John Boehner of Ohio. The Tea Party opposed Cantor. Under Boehner, Wegmann wrote, members of the House of Representatives operated like a tollbooth, and members had to deposit campaign contributions into the party’s coffers. “Boehner and Cantor and Frist were all respectable members of the…

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Tennessee Republican Dr. Manny Sethi Weighs Run for Alexander’s U.S. Senate Seat

Dr. Manish “Manny” Sethi, a Republican, is considering running for Lamar Alexander’s U.S. Senate seat, the Nashville Post reported Wednesday. An orthopedic surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Sethi also serves as director of the Vanderbilt Orthopaedic Institute Center for Health Policy. The Post reported: Sethi founded and is the president of Healthy Tennessee, an organization that puts on health fairs around the state and encourages preventative care. He also co-edited a book on health policy with Frist. The Republican doctor was mentioned as a possible candidate to succeed retiring U.S. Sen. Bob Corker. Two Republican sources with knowledge of Sethi’s deliberations confirmed he was considering a run. Earlier this week, an anonymous user registered multiple URLs related to a possible Sethi run for Senate, including drmannyforsenate.com. Chip Saltsman, a former Tennessee Republican Party chair who said he is friends with Sethi, said the two have discussed a possible Senate run, but Saltsman added that he encouraged Sethi to run only if Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander decides not to seek re-election in 2020, when the incumbent would be 80 years old. Last month, Sen. Alexander appeared as a guest on The Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy,…

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Jason Reynolds Commentary: U2 Turns Nashville Concert Into Political Rally

U2 Twitter

There is no question U2 is one of the most talented bands in our time. They also have done some great work in terms of social justice. Their work has included relief efforts for HIV-positive people in Africa. (RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to fight to end AIDS in Africa. U2 is currently campaigning for global women’s rights such as an estimated 130 million girls who are not getting to attend school. I applaud them for that work. Then there is the right to life — but U2 is not campaigning for people’s rights to live, but rather, for women to have the right to murder their babies. https://twitter.com/ClosertoOne/status/1000558943100284928 On Friday, the people of Ireland voted to legalize abortion. The nation’s Eighth Amendment had protected preborn babies since 1983. Five previous votes on the repeal had failed. Earlier in May, U2 stepped into the debate by tweeting their support of ending the protection of preborn babies. Breitbart reports, “After U2 tweeted a photo endorsing the ‘Repeal the 8th; campaign… fans erupted with a barrage of more than 800 overwhelmingly negative replies, with many voicing their decision to stop supporting the band or attending its concerts.”…

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