Astronomers: Black Holes May Have Existed Just After Big Bang, Shedding Light on Universe’s History

Astronomers with the European Space Agency have proposed a new astrophysical model in which black holes formed directly after the Big Bang, a postulation which, if true, may explain the current structural formations present throughout much of the present-day cosmos.

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Commentary: Four Scientific Questions We May Never Know the Answers To

Questions set the scientific method in motion. Without that initial curiosity, that “I wonder…”, that “What if…”, we would not have the technology, the medicine, nor the knowledge that we have today.

But not all questions have readily attainable answers. Despite our formidable advances in probing reality over the years, there are some things we are still incapable of concretely knowing. One day, that could change, but for these topics it’s currently hard to fathom how. Here are four questions that humans may never know the answers to:

Do You See Red Like I See Red?

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Gravitational Waves Just Showed Us Something Even Cooler Than Black Holes

For the first time ever, humans have observed light and gravitational waves from the same event, a neutron star collision 130 million light years away. Thanks to advance warning from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), roughly 70 observatories from every continent on Earth, including Antarctica, managed to tune in…

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