Metro Nashville Council Appoints Progressive Trans-Activist to Community Oversight Board

Nashville Metro Council appointed a radical Leftist trans-activist to the Community Oversight Board at its February 15, 2022 meeting.

Metro Council had two community organization nominated vacancies to fill at their last meeting and they appointed  appointed Maxine Spencer, a radical Leftist trans-activist nominated by far-Left community organizing group Workers’ Dignity, to serve a term that will expire on January 31, 2025. Michael Milliner, nominated by NAACP-Nashville was also appointed.

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Radical Leftist Member of Nashville Community Oversight Board Not Re-Appointed by Metro Council

Metro Nashville Council filled two vacancies for the Community Oversight Board for terms that expired on January 31, 2022. Individuals considered for those vacancies were nominated by community organizations.

Metro Nashville Council appointed Michael Milliner and Maxine Spencer to serve terms that will expire on January 31, 2025, and rejected Jamel R. Campbell-Gooch’s nomination. 

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