Tennessee Officials Give $1 Million to the Cleveland/Bradley Industrial Development Board Hoping to Attract New Business

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development officials last week reportedly gave a $1 million grant to the Cleveland/Bradley Industrial Development Board.

This, for a 30-acre pad-ready site to attract new companies to come to the area’s Spring Branch Industrial Park.

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JC Bowman Commentary: The Importance of Mentors for Teachers and Administrators

Our suggestion is to ensure that money is included in the future Basic Education Program (BEP) to allow for mentorship to occur, either by utilizing highly effective retired educators or granting stipends to experienced classroom teachers with a proven track record in classroom management.

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Bradley County Schools Wants $362 for Simple Open Records Request

Members of the Bradley County School System will not comply with an open records request unless The Tennessee Star pays them $362.54. This week The Star submitted open records requests to officials at several school districts throughout Tennessee. Specifically, we requested copies of any emails any school principals sent since…

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Cleveland, TN Utilities Employee Uses Utility Money on Personal Shopping Spree

A Cleveland Utilities information technology clerk went on an eight-month spending binge and used $5,415 of utility funds on travel bags and wireless speakers, among other luxuries, according to a state audit released this week. Authorities charged the woman, Rexanna Wilson, 50, with theft. Wilson later pled guilty in Bradley County…

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Report: Government Workers in Tennessee Steal Millions

Tennessee Capital building

Local governments in Tennessee are short more than $3.75 million of taxpayer money they’re supposed to already have in their coffers, according to two new reports from the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office. That’s because too many local government employees are stealing the money you worked so hard for — and they’re…

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