Co-Host Buck Sexton of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show Talks Early Beginnings at the CIA

Buck Sexton

Friday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed co-host of the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, Buck Sexton in studio to talk about what it was like joining the CIA out of college.

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Governor Bill Lee Claims ‘Our Executive Order Gives the School District Authority to Impose a Mandate, but Gives the Parent the Ability to Opt Out’

On Tuesday Governor Bill Lee told Clay Travis and Buck Sexton on their nationally syndicated radio program, “our executive order actually gives the school district the authority to impose a mandate, but it gives the parent the ability to opt out of that if they choose it.” “I have always been a really strong believer that parents know best what their children need. So I’m a parent. I raised four kids, got eight grandkids. No one knows their kid like the parent. No one cares about their children more than their parents, and so in the middle of all of this covid world that we’re living in, which is people,” Lee told Travis when asked about Executive Order No. 84, signed by the governor on Monday.

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