Low Income Tennessee Families to Receive $950 in Aid from COVID Relief Funds

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) announced that specific low-income families would receive $950 in aid from COVID relief funding. It said that families who are enrolled in the state’s Family First Program and qualified for the money in October will receive a deposit on their Electronic Benefit Transfer debit cards.

The TDHS said that this money was specifically for caregivers who did not receive other aid such as child care assistance, job training, or transportation support. It explained that these were for cases considered to be child-only. This means a home “where no adult receives Families First benefits themselves and the child living in the household is being raised by relatives instead of the child’s parents.”

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Tennessee Provides Additional Benefits for Child Care Assistance Program

Tennessee residents eligible for the Child Care Certificate Program are getting a 10% increase in benefits.

The program assists those who are in need of help with child care while they work or attend school.

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